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Creating Wall Decor In Minutes With Decorative Light Covers

Creating Wall Decor In Minutes With Decorative Light Covers

7th May 2017

When it comes to getting the most out of your living or work spaces, creating the most visually enticing environment with the aide of decor and decorative lighting are the ideal way to achieve this goal.

With that being said, however, traditional decor just does not cut it in certain environments, and you may be on the lookout for something a bit more unique and eye-catching; something like decorative light covers.

If you have ever ordered a decorative light cover from Octo Lights in the past, then you’re surely aware of the amazing effects our fluorescent light covers can provide; transforming your ceilings at home or at the office into jaw dropping works of art.

However, while these innovative panels provide an incredibly new way to decorate your ceilings, they can also be used to liven up other areas of your home. The perfect place to start would be your walls:

How Fluorescent Light Covers Work

Having grown rapidly in popularity over the last few years, decorative fluorescent light covers are, without a doubt, an innovation when it comes to decorative lighting and can truly transform any room or space into a work of impeccable art and beauty.

Made primarily of a light diffusing panel, light covers go over any existing fluorescent lighting and display a wide array of images to create an incredible effect on the eye. Although, they’re mainly used in homes, offices and businesses, fluorescent light covers are more-than-appropriate for any space you plan on installing fluorescent light fixtures in.

For instance, if your kitchen is extremely cramped and is without windows, then the smartest and most cost-effective solution is to install cloud-themed fluorescent light covers on your kitchen ceiling. With these in place, the images of clouds and the blue sky are showcased whenever you or someone else walks in your kitchen, creating the exact same effect of a real skylight, without the huge cost and hassle of installing real skylights.

Now that you know what fluorescent light covers are, in order to understand why they’re the best option when it comes to creating instant wall decorations in your home, let’s explore the best light covers to use for achieving this goal:

Creating Works of Art With Decorative Light Covers On Your Walls

With a wide selection of ready-made fluorescent light covers, Octo Lights gives you sufficient options to create/customize wall décor.

Dull bedroom? Make it pop with an extra window by combining multiple diffuser panels and applying them to your wall to create a tropical beach scene that will appear as if it’s only steps away from your doorstep.

How Decorative Lighting for Your Walls Can Benefit Your Business

If you own a business, utilizing decorative lighting for the walls of your interior space can be a great way to encourage future customers while giving your space a unique look customers won’t find anywhere else.

For example, if you run a retail store, combining multiple custom decorative light panels to display photos of your newest clothing items, or advertising a limited time deal/sale can significantly take your brand to new heights.

The same works for a restaurant as well, by using fluorescent light covers to showcase your best and/or most flavorful items on the menu. You could place these light covers in the front of your restaurant to impress and entice your customers as soon as they walk through the door.

Finding Easy to Create Custom Light Covers

If you’re searching for custom light covers to create wall décor, look no further than Octo Lights. Not only do we make the process of creating your light covers quick and easy, but we also make it affordable.

You simply go to our ‘Custom Light Covers’ page, choose your custom image (based on our image requirements), upload your image to our website and then wait for an email in order to purchase your light covers. It’s that simple!

Easy to Install Eco-Friendly Decorative Light Covers

Not only are light covers from Octo Lights the most environmentally friendly light covers on the market -= given the fact that we use UV resistant, water-based inks for all of our products — but they’re also extremely easy to install and require no electrician or home improvement expertise whatsoever.

You simply go to our website and head over to our ‘How to Install’ page, which will provide you with a quick and easy installation guide for all of our fluorescent light covers.

Installation entails 4 easy steps, including opening tabs to unlock the light cover’s frame, gently lowering the frame itself, placing the light cover on top of the light diffuser (image side down) and finally raising the tabs to lock the frame into place.

To learn more about Octo Lights and what our incredible selection of easy-to-install light covers can do to help you showcase your favorite pieces of art in your collection visit our website or contact us today!

About Octo Lights

Octo Lights is your premier supplier of quality light covers. Our light covers are not only the most affordable and eco-friendly (all of our products use water-based inks) on the market, but we also give you the most options with an array of different themes to fit any personal style or taste.

Visit our website today to learn more about our light covers as well as shop for them!

Installing Custom Decorative Light Covers

Octo Lights makes it exponentially easy to install their decorative light covers, especially for your walls, as you won’t need ladders or step-stools like you would if you were to place them on your ceiling.

In 3 easy steps, you can achieve incredible results that will wow visitors whether you’re at home, the office or place of business.

We hope you’re enjoying our blog! Check out our wide selection of easy-to-install decorative light covers or create your own to transform any room in your home, business or office into a work of art. We provide some of the most unique gift-giving ideas for any special occasion, including birthdays, anniversaries and more!