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Decorative LED Light Covers for LED Diffuser Panels

Decorative LED Light Covers for LED Diffuser Panels

7th Jul 2016

Decorative LED light covers are ideal for use with LED diffuser panels. Between the two, you can create some fabulous lighting effects that will make all your neighbors jealous - or impress prospective clients visiting your offices.

Many homes and offices use an alternative to the traditional fluorescent tubes for space lighting. When the old tungsten filament lamps met their doom, they were replaced with a number of different types of space lighting. Fluorescents were one, but many people did not like the tubular design of traditional fluorescent lighting.

Large numbers chose compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) while others opted to use one of various types of light emitting diode lamps (LEDs). While an LED light is great for spotlight use, it is too bright and glaring to use as a light bulb for domestic and many business uses.

Why Use LED Lights?

LED is certainly a more economical form of generating light energy than tungsten filaments,. but it tends to be more directional. LED is great for auto headlamps, where directional lighting is the name of the game, but not for lighting up your kitchen or bedroom at night.

For that reason, a single LED light source is insufficient to light an entire room, so its light has to be diffused to cover wider area. The same energy can be spread over a wider area, and so make best use of the light source for space lighting. A diffuser panel can achieve this, and by using multiple LED lights that pass through a diffuser panel, it is still possible to use such light sources for economical space lighting.

A single LED light panel would possibly be fine for a small room, such as a small home office, but larger areas would likely require several such light sources passing through a number of diffusion panels. These LED diffuser panels are available in the form of frosted glass or plastic such as acrylic or polyester. They even up the lighting by diffusing the directed beams over a much wider area.

Decorative LED Light Covers

Decorative LED light covers diffuse the light from LED sources while also provided a backlit scene of a day or night sky or one of any number of the designs available for decorative ceiling panels. Fluorescent light covers are just as good to use with LED lights as they are with fluorescent light tubes. They diffuse, or spread the available light over a larger area so that the light coming down from the ceiling can illuminate the entire room - or office.

Just as with fluorescent light panels, or a light lens, LED light diffuser panels can fitted with decorative light covers to provide a wide range of fabulous effects on your ceiling - or your light source. In fact, fluorescent light covers can also be used to cover LED light diffuser panels of the same dimensions - at least 24 x 12 inches (this is the dimension of the printed LED light diffuser sheets.)

There are few differences between fluorescent tubes and LED light sources other than dimension, light intensity and brightness. What works to diffuse the light from one source will do similar with light from another source.

Decorative LED Light Covers and Sky & Cloud Panels

Sky & cloud panels have always been a very popular design for light covers. They offer a lovely view of a bright sunny sky with fluffy white cumulus clouds or any other form of sky design you prefer - including views of the night sky. They can be used equally well with fluorescent light panels and decorative LED light covers.

Because these designs are no more than photographs printed onto plastic sheets that are fitted above the diffuser pane in the light cover, you can have just about any design you wish to use if you are not satisfied with the Octo Lights standard range of images.

Whether you use light covers with fluorescent tubes or a bank of LED lights is your choice. Decorative LED light covers are not necessarily specific to the LED light source, but can be used with any form of lighting to soothe, educate and relax adults and children alike.

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