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There's a lot to love about having a well-lit room. From homes to restaurants to offices, lighting is essential for any building you enter. But even more critical is having sustainable lighting that's worth your time and money. Octo Lights is here to talk about the four most important reasons to have sustainable lighting no matter where you are. So continue reading and check out our fluorescent light covers today!Cloud 1There is nothing worse tha… Read more
Imagine dolphins, turtles, sharks and shoals of beautifully colored tropical fish swimming about on your ceilings and your walls. Your own aquarium to thrill and delight your children! An effect to amaze your guests and that you can switch on or off as your mood dictates. Obviously, such a thing is impossible unless you are multi-millionaire. But you can have the next best thing with Octo Lights decorative light covers for your children and guest… Read more
You can use custom fluorescent light covers in your home. They work with the plain or frosted panels commonly used with false ceilings or as part of the ceilings in your home. Decorative light covers can turn these panels into amazing scenes. Guests will wonder at your creativity, and they will astonish anyone who sees them.Fluorescent lighting is common in many kitchens. But you can use decorative light covers in any room in your home to create… Read more
Here are some tips on how to choose decorative light covers for your business. The same recommendations apply to your home, too. Read on to discover how to select the ceiling light cover most suitable to you. We say ceiling light here, but you can also use decorative light covers on your walls or any other flat surface.Check Octo Lights Standard Range FirstStart by checking out our standard range of decorative light covers. Visit our Decorative L… Read more