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Why Decorative Light Covers Are Ideal For Finished Basements

Why Decorative Light Covers Are Ideal For Finished Basements

20th Jan 2017

When it comes to finding your dream home, a basement may be on your must-have list. You may even feel it necessary to have an unfinished basement upon purchasing your home; this way you can design the space to your liking.

With that said, some homeowners don't have a choice in the matter. If you own a home a with a basement and have no ideas on how to make the space feel more inviting, it could force you to never touch the space. However, finishing a basement is not only great for providing an extra place to relax with your family, but it can also add to your home's value significantly when it comes time to sell it.

But, what if you have finished your basement, but still find it a bit unappealing due to its lack of windows? After all, natural light and views of the outdoors have serious benefits for any living space and without them, you're left with a dreary area that no one wants to step foot inside. Well, with a bit of creativity -- through the use of decorative light covers -- you can successfully achieve the look and feel of natural windows in your finished basement without breaking the bank to do so.

Exploring Decorative Fluorescent Light Covers

You may have never heard of decorative light cover panels in the past; and, if so, you’re truly missing out. These innovations in decorative lighting cover your existing fluorescent light fixtures to pull off one amazing effect.

Known also as a light diffusing panel, decorative light covers display any image you can think of, and can truly pull together a room in terms of theme and overall visual appeal. This is why decorative light covers are the perfect solution for basements without any windows, as you can choose light covers meticulously that achieve the same effect.

In order to fully understand what decorative light covers can do for your basement we'll explore the best light covers available on to specifically fit this space.

Decorative Light Covers For A Particular Theme

For some homeowners with basements, finishing this space means creating a themed room that encompasses the entire basement. Luckily, fluorescent light covers are perfect for these scenarios as well and can be the ideal finishing touch, no matter what theme your basement has.

For instance, sports lovers may be inclined to install a bar area in their basements and fill their walls with sports memorabilia -- such as jerseys, art, and other decor items. In this case, you can create custom decorative light covers that display sport heroes (current or pasts players), team logos or any other sports-related image you can think of.

The same works for basements with movie theater additions. Nothing can be more inviting than a space dedicated to watching films on a huge projection screen, so why not fill this space with custom light covers that display scenes from classic movies to tie the entire space together perfectly? Even if you want your basement to have a more general-theme, fluorescent light covers can surely accommodate you as well. At Octo Lights we have a massive assortment of light cover themes, including astronomy light covers, which showcase star patterns and galaxies to create the most impressive space-themed room imaginable.

Decorative Light Covers To Achieve A More Spacious Basement

If you have a basement, you already know the downsides that a lack of windows can present; making your basement feel less spacious without any real natural lighting or views of the outdoors. Thankfully, by installing decorative light covers throughout your basement you can get the same look and feel of windows without the astronomical cost.

For example, by using cloud light covers -- available on our website -- on you basement's ceiling, you'll produce the effect of a real skylight feature. These light covers showcase awe-inspiring blue skies and clouds, which (when installed correctly) will have your guests and family members in awe of how real they appear.

Simultaneously, you can also elect to install landscape or tree light covers on the walls of your finished basement. Both of which showcase nature in its most beautiful form and will create a window into a peaceful and relaxing outdoor scene. To further the effect, you can combine your light covers with other nature-centric art, decor, and furniture items.

How To Find Quality Decorative Fluorescent Light Covers Online

While there are a few options for fluorescent light covers out there on the internet, none come close in terms of quality, affordability, and abundance of options as Octo Lights.

We have been supplying the world with incredible fluorescent light covers to transform any room into a work of art for many years, and are proud to provide the most easy-to-install, eco-friendly light covers on the market to our customers. As we mentioned previously, the options we offer for ready-made light covers is extremely vast and if you somehow can't find a light cover to fit your ideas you can always create one on our website.

We make the process for creating custom light covers quick and simple, you just provide the image (based on our image requirements) and await a link to be able to purchase your light covers. It's that easy!