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Why Decorative Light Covers Are Ideal For Kids

Why Decorative Light Covers Are Ideal For Kids

31st Dec 2017

The true sign of a great product is one that can is multifaceted and can be used in a variety of different ways. This is just one of the incredible features of a fluorescent light cover.

If you’re not familiar with these innovations in decorative lighting, all you need to do is take a look at any boring room in your home, office or workplace and imagine that room transformed into an eye-popping space with a true focal point. This could be your kitchen, living room, bedroom, classroom or even a medical space (such as a hospital or dentist waiting room). How do fluorescent light covers accomplish this? Let’s delve a little deeper into how fluorescent light covers work.

How Fluorescent Light Covers Work

Decorative light covers are made up of a diffusing light panel, which displays a particular image to create an amazing effect. For example, if you were to install light covers on your bathroom ceiling that depicted a nature-filled outdoor setting you would instantly create a faux window with an incredible view that would wow guests (and you) for years to come.

What you may not know, is that fluorescent light covers are perfect for expanding your child’s imagination and bringing a smile to their face. Here are just a few ways decorative light covers can do just that:

Space Themed Room For Your Kids

A playroom or child’s bedroom is perfect for fluorescent decorative light covers. For instance, you could install multiple astronomy themed light covers on the walls and combine them with astronaut and other space-centric decors to create the illusion of being on the moon or floating in outer space.

This is ideal for a boy’s bedroom and can be used in tandem with a rocket ship-shaped bed, starry night lights or other space-related items you may find at the furniture store. To shop our selection of astronomy light covers, click here.

Magical Forest Themed Kids Room

This playroom or bedroom idea would be for your favorite little girl. Starting with our flower light covers — which display images of gorgeous sunflowers, daisies and more (which are zoomed in to show detail) — you can then opt for wall art shaped like trees, mushroom plush pillows and an area rug with roots that can be placed under your child’s bed to give off the effect of a real tree stump.

You can even combine them with our tree and/or waterfall light covers for an enhanced effect.

Your child will have the time of their life pretending to be in a giant magical forest just for them. Click here to shop all of our beautiful flower light covers.

Pirate or Submarine Room For Your Kids

If you’re little boy or girl are infatuated with pirates, mermaids or anything having to do with the sea, then our ocean light covers are perfect for them.

Install these in their playroom on the ceilings and walls to convey the effect of the room being submerged completely underwater with a gorgeous view into the surrounding ocean, filled with vibrant fish and other sea life (like sharks and dolphins).

These decorative light covers, in particular, offer many different options for your children to enjoy. View our entire selection of ocean light covers here.

Aviation Themed Kids Room

For children that love planes and aviation, try our cloud themed light covers. By installing these on your ceilings, you’ll not only create an instant sky-light effect but — when combined with aviation decor, including model planes and a plane themed bed set —  can also create the illusion of being in the sky.

Your child’s bedroom will be transformed into a place of wonder and a space they’ll never want to leave as their imagination will literally be taken to another level. To shop all of our cloud light covers, click here.

Castle Themed Room for Your Kids

For your prince or princess of the family, why not transform a room into a king (or queen’s) castle?

This can be accomplished with faux torch lighting on the walls, elaborate four poster beds and scene setting wallpaper.

For enhancement of the overall castle effect, you can install multiple landscape themed light covers on the walls of your child’s bedroom. These light covers display breathtaking images of mountainscapes in different settings, acting as a faux window. To shop our entire selection of decorative light covers, click here.

Endless Possibilities With Custom Light Covers

Now that you’re aware of the possibilities for transforming your child’s room, and enhancing their imagination, with our ready-made light covers, you should also be aware of our custom light covers, which provide limitless possibilities.

Octo Lights makes it easy for customers to create their own light covers, with a quick 3 step process — which includes selecting your image based on our requirements, uploading your image to our site and waiting for an email from us in order to purchase your order.

With custom light covers, you can create anything your child can conjure up. For example, try custom light covers that display recognizable characters from their favorite TV show or movie; you can even create light covers that showcase their art and drawings. In other words, whatever your child is interested in, you can fully showcase them in a unique way with innovative fluorescent light covers.

Easy to Install Light Covers From Octo Lights

At Octo Lights, we pride ourselves on being the most convenient option for quality (and eco-friendly) light covers on the market. We not only provide our customers with incredible options for light cover designs, but we also make the most easy-to-install light covers as well.

Just follow our simple installation instructions on our “How To Install” page and you’ll be up and running with your very own fluorescent light cover in no time.

We hope you’re enjoying our blog! Check out our wide selection of easy-to-install decorative light covers or create your own to transform any room in your home, business or office into a work of art. We provide some of the most unique gift-giving ideas you’ll find!