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Decorative Light Covers In The Medical Industry

Decorative Light Covers In The Medical Industry

13th Oct 2017

While the topic of using decorative fluorescent light covers in a medical setting has been brushed upon briefly before on our website, we, here at Octo Lights, want to truly delve into the real benefits of using decorative lighting in the medical industry.

Medical environments have long been lacking in terms of visual appeal -- whether it be a hospital, emergency room, pediatrician's office, or surgical room -- and, unfortunately, this can perpetuate the uncomfortability some patients may feel about receiving medical attention. While providing great care is (and should be) the highest priority for any medical practice, you should also be focusing on doing everything you can to make patients feel comfortable and relaxed.

This does not mean an expensive overhaul or remodel should be carried out; simply paying attention to the decor and lighting in a medical environment can make all the difference. After all, you want your patients to feel at home whenever they arrive at your medical facility for treatment, as a comfortable patient is one that will be cooperative and easy to treat.

By far the simplest, most effective, and most affordable option for visually enhancing a medical practice is to install decorative fluorescent light covers that utilize a wide range of images. This process has been adopted by many medical practices around the globe and is one that will cost you astronomically less than a total remodel of your medical space, while still providing a comforting and inviting environment for patients of all ages and backgrounds.

The Benefits Of Installing Decorative Fluorescent Light Covers

Decorative fluorescent light covers can make all the difference when it comes to enhancing and opening up any space in your home, office, business, and (of course) medical practice.

These innovations in decorative lighting have been gaining worldwide recognition for their unique ability to both transform a room into a work of art and serve as a light diffuser for the harsh lighting emitted by the standard fluorescent light fixture.

Decorative fluorescent light covers can be installed over any existing fluorescent light fixture, and effectively diminish any harsh lighting -- which could lead to migraines, headaches, and a loss of productivity -- while increasing productivity and the look and feel of any space.

What's more? Decorative fluorescent light covers are great for rooms in need of extra square footage or windows. For example, by installing starry astronomy light covers on your cramped bathroom ceiling, you will be creating the same look and feel of a real sky light, without the high cost and countless man-hours associated with sky lights.

The same effect can work with any one of the wide range of decorative fluorescent light covers available from Octo Lights, and make for the greatest present or gift for any special occasion. With that said, what makes fluorescent light covers so ideal for a medical space.

Why Decorative Fluorescent Light Covers For Medical Spaces?

We already brushed upon the added benefits fluorescent light covers can have when it comes to making patients in a medical office feel more comfortable and relaxed, however, with the diffused fluorescent light, you can also see an efficient upgrade in your medical staff's productivity and mood whenever they come to work.

This is because decorative fluorescent light covers produce the softest, yet most productivity-inducing lighting you'll find from any lighting fixture on the market, including halogen and LED fixtures. If you run a medical practice that sees 50 or more patients per day, this should be music to your ears, as a productive staff throughout each day is imperative to providing the best medical care possible for your long patient list.

Now that you're aware of the real benefits decorative fluorescent light covers can offer any room or space, let's explore the best fluorescent light covers available for your medical facility or practice online.

Decorative Fluorescent Light Covers For Hospitals

Hospitals can oftentimes be a hectic environment, with so many designated areas, square footage filled with hundreds of different patients, and medical professionals.

Sadly, in such a hectic environment, patients may feel uneasy and uncomfortable whenever they visit the hospital for treatment. This fact is worsened by the lack of decor and furniture, which is a problem most hospitals face, whether it is due to budget issues or not.

Everywhere from the emergency room and surgical rooms, to the maternity and children's ward (and even the cafeteria) should be bright, inviting and filled with decor that makes a patient -- and their loved ones -- feel right at home during a stressful time.

After all, a hospital is a medical facility that sees patients in need of immediate care for sometimes life threatening wounds, injuries or illnesses. This is why, beyond providing great care, it is important to ensure your patients are provided with the most comfortable environment during their hospital stay.

Here are just a few examples of how decorative fluorescent light covers can best be used in a hospital setting:

Decorative Light Covers For Emergency Rooms -

A hospital's emergency room is one of the most important areas of the entire facility, mainly due to the fact that patients in an ER are typically in need of serious and immediate treatment.

Sadly, these situations can cause intense fear and uncomfort for not only the patient themselves but their loved ones as well. This is why an ER should be fully equipped to envoke comfortability and relaxation in such a stressful time while a patient waits to be seen. Thankfully, this can be done easily and affordably by installing decorative fluorescent light covers throughout the ER space.

One of the best fluorescent light covers to install in an ER has to be light covers themed to nature such as tree light covers, which depict beautiful and calming trees from different settings and seasons. Imagery of nature is known to calm and relax the mind, which is why installing tree light covers in an ER can be so beneficial.

Decorative Light Covers For Surgical Rooms -

A surgical room may not be perceived as the best environment for decorative lighting, however, when you think about it, surgical spaces are typically cold, dreary, and lacking in terms of visual appearance, which could cause patients undergoing surgical procedures to feel extremely uncomfortable and tense before going under the knife.

This is a cause for concern, as its well known that patients should be as relaxed as possible before entering surgery -- especially major surgical procedures involving the spine and emergency procedures. Fortunately, surgical doctors do not have to compromise the functionality of their workspace by installing decorative light covers.

For example, simply installing cloud light covers on any surgical procedure room's ceiling will allow patients to take their mind off of a procedure (by staring at the beautiful clouds above them) while also brightening and expanding the space significantly.

Decorative Light Covers For Maternity & Children's Wards -

Both a hospital's child and maternity wards are known as the most delicate spaces in the entire facility. In the case of a maternity ward; doctors are consistently handling the birth of children, bringing new life into the world; whereas, with a children's ward, they are caring for sick children.

While most hospitals spend countless amounts of effort and money on ensuring both their maternity and child's ward are fully equipped with the best equipment, doctors, and decor to make patients feel at home, you can always do more by simply installing decorative light covers throughout both spaces.

For a maternity ward, you could opt to install custom light covers that display images of adorable babies, or images taken from children's books and television. For a children's ward, there are a number of different light covers you can use to effectively cheer up child patients, while also making them feel right at home.

These options include landscape light covers, waterfall light covers, astronomy light covers, and even custom light covers that display images of superheroes and other figures from pop culture.

Decorative Fluorescent Light Covers For Medical Practice Offices 

Now that you know how ideal decorative light covers can be for hospital settings, you're likely wondering how well these innovations in decorative lighting can work for smaller medical practices such as dentist offices, urgent care facilities, pediatrician offices, and physical therapy offices.

These medical spaces may be much smaller than a hospital -- and typically deal with patients who aren't in need of immediate medical attention -- but that does not mean they should lack in terms of creating a relaxing, inviting, and intriguing environment for their patients.

In fact, because smaller medical practices are more personal, and handle a condensed list of patients, this means they should pay attention even more to providing the best medical environment, as patient retention is a huge key to their success.

Let's explore the best decorative fluorescent light covers for these types of practices:

Decorative Light Covers For Dental Offices -

It's a well known fact that the average person simply has a disdain for visiting the dentist. This disdain may not have anything to do with the dentist themselves, and the quality of care they provide, but moreso may be due to the fear of getting one's teeth cared for.

With that said, a dentist is one of the most important figures in the medical field, as caring for a person's teeth can prevent cavities and other infections that could lead to serious illnesses down the road. This is why you should encourage your patients to frequently visit their dentist; first, by providing the best care possible, and second by creating the best environment for them to visit.

This can be achieved affordably and easily by installing decorative light covers in your dental office. For instance, by opting to use waterfall light covers in your waiting area, your patients will be able to sit back and relax, while focusing on images of gorgeous, rushing waterfalls before getting their teeth cared for.

You can even create custom light covers that display particular tooth structures, as well as before and after photos of patients you have successfully cared for in the past. This will serve as an example of what your current patients can expect when it comes to the quality of care your practice can provide.

Decorative Light Covers For Physical Therapy Offices -

Physical therapy may be a specialty in the medical field, but it is just as important when it comes to the patients in need of regaining their motor skills, movement, and overall improvement of their body.

You can effectively improve the look and feel of your physical therapy office by installing decorative light covers in your procedure rooms. For example, one of the best light covers for achieving this goal are our ocean light covers, which display vibrant schools of fish and other marine life (such as dolphins and sharks) and will serve as a unique centerpiece for patients to marvel at while receiving treatment.

Finding Decorative Light Covers Online

While you may now be aware of the real benefits fluorescent light covers can provide any medical faciltiy or practice, you may be wondering just where you can purchase these products online. Well, you're in the right place!

Octo Lights is the world's most reputable provider of quality decorative fluorescent light covers. Our company ships worldwide, and adheres to strict eco-friendly standards when it comes to the production of all of our products, unlike most of our competitors.

Beyond offering the widest range of ready-made decorative fluorescent light covers, Octo Lights also lets you create your own custom light covers. What's more? The process to create your light covers is quick an easy; you simply choose your images (based on our requirements), upload your images to our website, and await a link to be able to purchase your order.

Contact Octo Lights today to learn more about any of our unique and high quality decorative light covers, or to get help with installing your recent order. One of our experts will be more than happy to assist you.