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How to Utilize Decorative Light Covers for Medical Offices

How to Utilize Decorative Light Covers for Medical Offices

13th Dec 2016

If you’re in the medical field, it’s likely that one of your biggest concerns is ensuring your patients are as comfortable as possible. This involves creating a calming environment where patients feel at home.

Whether you’re a pediatrician, nutritionist, surgeon, dentist or even a physical therapist, if you’re offices are outdated and drab this will typically lead to less satisfied patients. To remedy this, find new and exciting ways to liven up your medical office space and transform it into a work of art. How? The answer lies with fluorescent light covers.

These innovations in decorative lighting consist of a light diffusing panel that covers any existing fluorescent lighting (in your home, business or medical office) while displaying a high definition image to create an incredible effect on any room. This is why decorative light covers are the perfect solution for instantly upgrading a medical office’s visual appeal.

Here are the best uses for fluorescent light covers for medical offices:

Light Covers for Dentist Offices

While caring for a patient's teeth to the best of their ability should be the hallmark of any good dentist, this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t also have an inviting/comforting office for their patients as well.

Dentistry causes quite a bit of fear -- even among adults -- when it comes to making an appointment. Just like with almost all medical practices, this is mainly due to the patient’s fear of pain. This leads to many not even making an appointment, which can lead to many severe problems with their teeth in the long run.

To make your dentist patients more comfortable -- even in an outdated office -- try fluorescent light covers on your ceiling. Octo Lights offers a wide range of light covers to suit any personal style. A popular choice would be our nature themed light covers as they provide a relaxing view for your patients while giving them something to look at while you work on their teeth.

Light Covers for Pediatricians

Pediatric care is one of the most important medical fields in existence. This is because children need an extra caring approach, especially when it comes to their medical needs, which requires a special set of needs from any pediatrician.

Unfortunately, kids will never find seeing a doctor as a fun experience -- at least not before their visit -- which is why you should emphasize providing a comforting child-like environment for your young patients during every visit. This can be done with bright and whimsical decor, a box of toys in the waiting room and, of course, fluorescent light covers on the ceiling and walls of your pediatric office.

For instance, by installing our ocean-themed light covers you’ll be able to wow every child that pays you a visit while making their doctor experience a bit brighter. Kids will love the vibrant fish and marine life that our ocean light covers display; and you can even combine them with nautical decor to transform your office into a submarine with a window into a surrounding underwater scene.

Pediatricians can also use different themes for each room in their office, adding a unique touch that will be appreciated by your pint-sized patients (and their parents) during every doctor’s visit. For example, one room could be themed to space; utilizing our astronomy light covers, which display different nebulae, galaxies and star alignments, while another room is themed to aviation, combining plane and aircraft decor with our cloud light covers.

Light Covers for Physical Therapists

Physical therapy is a delicate field of medicine that requires an emphasis on patience and determination, in order to motivate your patients to heal from whatever physical ailment they may be suffering from, whether it be a disability from an accident, fall or medical mishap.

This means a physical therapist needs the most motivating environment when it comes to the office they practice from, one that will keep their patients engaged on their personal goal of getting better. One way to accomplish this is by installing fluorescent light covers throughout your office space.

For example, images of nature are scientifically proven to encourage healing, which is why our nature-themed light covers are absolutely ideal for physical therapy offices. Providing your patients with the soothing images of trees and plant life -- all in high definition -- you will not only be aiding in their healing process, but you’ll also give a unique visual appeal to your offices; one that can be continued from your waiting room to your therapy offices.

Custom Decorative Light Covers for Any Medical Office

With Octo Lights, you not only get a massive selection of ready-made light covers, but you also get the opportunity to easily create your own custom light covers as well; which substantially opens up the realm of possibilities for use of these decorative lighting innovations.

Custom light covers are perfect for any medical office and for any medical practice. You can create light covers that display a diagram of the human body; or even create multiple light covers that display the ailments you treat in big bold letters, which can then be installed on the walls of your waiting room. The possibilities are endless!

At Octo Lights, we make it extremely simple to create your own light covers on our website. You simply follow 3 easy steps -- which include: finding an image based on our image requirements, uploading your image to our website and waiting for an email to confirm your order details.

We’re proud to top the competition in every category when it comes to quality light covers, this includes being eco-friendly (all of the images for our light covers use UV resistant water-based inks) and affordable. Visit our website to learn more about us, or see what our customers are saying by visiting our reviews page!

We hope you’re enjoying our blog! Check out our wide selection of easy-to-install decorative light covers or create your own to transform any room in your home, business or office into a work of art. With the holiday season on its way, we provide some of the most unique gift-giving ideas you’ll find this year!