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How Decorative Lighting Can Benefit Your Small Business

How Decorative Lighting Can Benefit Your Small Business

21st Sep 2017

When it comes to running a small business, getting more customers through your doors is always the main objective. Unfortunately, it's also the main hurdle you'll have to jump over.

This is why many small business owners will rush to spend hundreds (sometimes thousands) on elaborate marketing campaigns -- whether through social media sites like Facebook or billboards along the local highway.

With that said, what if you could find a way to attract new customers to your small business, while at the same time promoting your brand, without emptying your wallet to do so? Wouldn't you jump at the chance?

Well, this is possible through the use of innovative decorative lighting techniques using fluorescent light covers.

Why Fluorescent Light Covers For Your Small Business?

While fluorescent light covers are typically used to spruce up any room in a home, they're ideal for other environments as well, including your small business.

These innovations in decorative lighting can be installed over any existing fluorescent lighting fixtures, and display certain images to create one amazing effect. For example, by installing astronomy light covers on your ceiling, you can get the look and feel of a real skylight without the steep cost.

Using Custom Decorative Light Covers To Promote Your Business

No matter what business you're running -- be it a restaurant, coffee shop, bike store, or anything in between -- you can effectively attract a slew of new customers using solely custom fluorescent light covers.

These light covers can be created using any image of your choosing, which is why they're perfect for promoting your business. Let's explore a few scenarios to give you a better idea of why custom decorative light covers are so beneficial for small businesses.

Custom Light Covers For Your Restaurant

Custom decorative light covers work perfectly as a way to promote a small restaurant, coffee shop, or bar.

You could create decorative light covers that showcase new items on your menu, your weekly specials, or specialty drinks. These light covers can be installed in your window display or at the front of your business to catch the attention of potential customers who may be walking by.

Whatever images, promotions, or menu items you feel would best get new diners into your establishment can be easily transformed into a custom decorative light cover that will wow each guest and create a unique dining experience.

Custom Light Covers For Your Retail Store

Beyond restaurants and eateries, custom decorative light covers are also ideal for retail shops and small stores.

Whether it be apparel, trinkets, antiques, electronics, or anything in between, custom decorative light covers can help you get new customers and sell products quicker. For example: say you're running a weekend sale on all t-shirts, you can create eye-catching advertisements and use them for unique promotional decorative light covers.

These can be installed in the front of your store, or even throughout the interior to remind your customers of specific sales, promotions, discounts, as well as specialty items. The best part is you can continuously create new custom light covers for every promotion, with an incredible return on investment, given how affordable fluorescent light covers are.

Custom Light Covers For An Apartment Complex

Being an independent property owner comes with a laundry list of tasks and struggles to overcome. One of these struggles is finding new tenants.

Thankfully, with custom decorative light covers, you can easily attract new tenants by giving them an intriguing and informational environment as soon as they walk into your leasing office.

Try installing custom light covers that display photos of the different apartment units you have available, or create light covers that showcase your complex's amenities -- such as a pool, gym, or pet area. You can even create light covers that display important information, such as rent cost and pet policies.

Not only will these light covers give future tenants an idea of what to expect when signing a lease with you, but they will also entice them as decorative lighting can be memorable decor.

Finding Custom Decorative Light Covers Online

When it comes to shopping custom decorative light covers online, you'll find no company can compete -- in terms of quality and price -- with Octo Lights.

Our company has been the world's premier destination for top-of-the-line decorative lighting solutions for many years, and we're proud to provide our customers with such a wide range of options for decorative light covers.

At Octo Lights, we make it extremely simple to create your own light covers. The process begins by choosing your image(s) (based on our image requirements), uploading them to our website, and awaiting a link to be able to purchase your order. It's that simple!

Eco-Friendly Decorative Lighting Solutions

Beyond offering the world's largest selection of ready-made and custom light covers, Octo Lights is also one of the only decorative light cover companies out there that offers products that are eco-friendly.

All of our products are produced using UV-resistant, water-based inks, in order to lessen our impact and footprint on the planet. Our goal is to provide customers from all over the globe with the best decorative lighting solutions, while also being extremely eco-conscious at the same time.

Installing Your Custom Light Covers

One of the benefits of choosing Octo Lights for your custom light covers is the fact that our light covers are so easy to install.

When your light covers arrive, you simply follow 4 easy steps, which include opening the tabs to unlock the frame, lowering the frame, placing the light cover on top of the light diffuser, and (finally) raising the frame and locking the tabs.

If you need any additional assistance with installing your light covers, you can either contact one of our experts directly or follow our easy-to-comprehend installation guide on our website.

Now that you're aware of the real benefits custom light covers can offer your small business, it's time to start creating yours! Start by visiting our custom light covers page, or by contacting Octo Lights today.