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Personalizing a room or office with custom fluorescent light covers allows you to incorporate your sense of style into any living space. It can be an incredible way to showcase your interests to friends and family.However, with most decorative lighting companies, your options for custom fluorescent lighting are limited. Some won't even allow more than 1 or 2 custom light cover designs per order. That's is likely a ploy to get you to purchase thei… Read more
There was a time when custom fluorescent light covers were considered rare. They were difficult to find and hard to order. All this has changed today as light fixture covers of this nature have gone mainstream. It is easier than ever to find the perfect ceiling light panel to fit your exact needs. From beach light themes to astronomy and flower styles and cloud and sky images, the uses of custom fluorescent light covers are endless today.Creating… Read more
The Power of Fluorescent Light PanelsParents are always looking for unique and inspiring ways to transform a child's room into something exceptional. While there are many options in this regard, one way, in particular, has grown in popularity in recent years. Decorative fluorescent light covers are a unique and exciting way to transform a room. They can change the entire dynamics of the space, make a room far more inviting, and spur the imaginati… Read more
With the booming popularity of home-improvement shows, magazines, and websites, it seems everyone is looking for new decor ideas. Bathroom and kitchen renovations are all the rage. And busting down walls to create an open floor plan is common fodder for home improvement types. But if you're not ready to invest thousands of dollars and start demolishing large parts of your home, you have another option. And we bet that none of your friends have do… Read more