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Diagnosing Fluorescent Light Covers for the Health Industry

Diagnosing Fluorescent Light Covers for the Health Industry

8th Sep 2015

It is estimated that 1 in 8 Americans work in the U.S. Health Care System. Thousands more require hospitalization, a trip to the emergency room, or at least a visit to the doctor for an annual checkup on a daily basis. Anyone who has had to spend any amount of time in a hospital, or the waiting room of their doctors’ offices, can attest to the brutal, unyielding UV rays beaming down, unhindered from standard fluorescent lighting.

Long-standing concerns among many patients, and other medical professionals is that this type of lighting is reportedly a contributor to migraines, eye strain, and even increased stress levels and anxiety, just to name a few of the potential health hazards associated with this type lighting.

In recent years fluorescent bulbs have come under fire for not only being unhealthy for us humans, but are also considered unsafe for the environment due to the gases each bulb contains. These gases are energized when electricity is introduced to the bulb creating a hard, cold, flickering light many people find harsh and unforgiving.

Doctors’ offices, and hospitals attribute 40% of their electricity usage directly to the amount of lighting required for their environment. After all, it makes perfect sense to have brilliant, direct lighting available in, let’s say, the operating room, or the pharmacy where prescription information is vital. However, most will agree that in other areas, such as cafeterias, hallways, waiting rooms, and recovery areas this type of lighting is not only unnecessary, but also very uncomfortable when one is exposed to it over long periods of time.

Advances in lighting technology have improved the way we light our spaces, but upgrades to large scale structures like hospitals, and office buildings where doctors are often located is a costly, and time consuming endeavor. Fortunately, we have developed a cost effective, and eco-friendly solution to creating softer, warmer, and ultimately more enjoyable health care spaces where unruly fluorescent bulbs are used.

Using a high quality, backlit film, our fluorescent light covers utilize a UV resistant, water-based ink to redirect harmful UV rays upwards and outwards, diffusing contrasting light into a softer, more balanced glow. Our decorative light covers are the most economical solution to existing harsh light conditions on the market. We also have a large selection of stunningly beautiful themes to match any room’s motif.

Octo Lights is dedicated to the conservation of natural resources, and environmentally sound business practices. We will also guarantee that you, your co-workers, and your clients will love the warm diffused glow of our printed fluorescent light covers, or we’ll return 100% of your money!