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Different Forms of Outdoor Landscape Lighting

3rd Oct 2014

Our decorative custom light covers are an excellent way to diffuse the harsh glare of fluorescent lighting and to increase the appeal of any room in your home or office. The nature of our business means we deal with indoor lighting requirements most of the time, but we have accumulated an amazing amount of knowledge and useful information regarding outdoor lighting as well. Well-chosen outdoor lighting fixtures are not only aesthetically appealing; they are also very effective in improving the security and safety of your property.


Downlighting is a fairly common outdoor lighting technique. Fixtures are usually installed under house eaves to provide adequate ambient lighting for nighttime backyard activities. They are also sometimes used to highlight interesting architectural details of a structure.


By installing a light fixture in a tree, you can produce the effect of moonlight gently being filtered through the branches of the tree. Make it look as realistic as possible by keeping the light fixture hidden and positioning it as high as possible.


If an outdoor wall of your house has detailed masonry work or any other interesting architectural detail that you want to highlight, grazing is the ideal lighting technique to do this. Position a lighting fixture close to the base of the facade, within six to eight inches if possible, then simply aim the light vertically at 90 degrees to draw attention to your wall of interest.


This is another way to use the trees on your property as a conveyance of dramatic lighting. Place a lighting fixture directly in front of the tree so when the lights are on, the tree will cast its shadow on a vertical surface behind it. The closer you position the lighting fixture to the tree, the bigger the shadow it will cast.

Deck Lighting

Ensure the safety of your visitors by installing adequate lighting on your deck, especially where changes in elevation occur. You can install lighting fixtures on vertical posts or under railings or benches. Choose the placement well and opt for discreet lighting to turn this safety lighting feature into an attractive design element.

We have a wide range of decorative light panel designs for you to choose from, and each one of them is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. If you need assistance with choosing the right kind of decorative lighting fixtures for your home or business or with kitchen or living room lighting ideas, call us. Our expertise and experience in the field can help you transform your space dramatically.