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Educate Your Classroom With Fluorescent Light Covers

Educate Your Classroom With Fluorescent Light Covers

7th Mar 2021

For teachers, gaining the full attention of your young students is likely a daily struggle. Unfortunately, in this day and age, kids in the US need more than a significant helping hand when it comes to education and becoming motivated about their academics. Teachers can only achieve this by introducing new and innovative techniques for learning in the classroom. While textbooks and chalkboards are still great learning tools, why not try something different to get your students excited in class? Why not imporve your classroom with fluorescent light covers?

Consider Fluorescent Light Covers

Fluorescent lighting is standard in school classrooms—mainly because it keeps kids attentive and awake—but, while practical, it could be a dull sight for many of the young minds you teach every day.

This is why fluorescent light covers, which are an innovative way to transform any room into a work of art, are the perfect choice for introducing interesting learning methods in your classroom.

Decorative light covers consist of a diffusing light panel that displays an image that can pull off an amazing effect. For example, if you were to place sky and cloud-themed fluorescent light covers on your bedroom ceiling, it would provide the same effect as an actual skylight. This works for any other outdoor scene and could be a great way to bring in natural (albeit faux) light in a rather dark or dingy classroom.

Learning Benefits of Fluorescent Light Covers

Not only can you convey images that will transform your classroom into any scene of your choosing, but you can also opt for custom light covers to display a myriad of different learning-related imagery. Here are some ideas:


Math is statistically one of the most challenging subjects for grade school students. This is why introducing something like custom fluorescent light covers—which could display specific multiplication problems or helpful tips—could be a great way to keep your student’s minds thinking about the subject constantly.


By combining multiple custom light covers to create a larger image, you can display the bone structure of the human body on your classroom wall or ceiling. This will allow your students the opportunity to study a large diagram and get a better idea of where every bone in our body is located.


Studying the stars is about more than just admiring the gorgeous sight these balls of dying light provide. Display multiple star patterns and more on your classroom fluorescent light covers to give your students a closer look and better understand what these patterns mean to our solar system.

Finding Quality Custom Fluorescent Light Covers For Your Classroom

Octo Lights is the world leader in fluorescent light covers for your home, office, or any other room in need of reinvigoration.

With quality, earth-friendliness, and affordability, Octo Lights has wowed their customers and makes it simple to order in bulk. We also offer custom decorative light covers to suit any personalized need. This is why Octo Lights is the perfect choice when it comes to fluorescent light covers for classrooms. Contact us today!