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Expanding Cramped Spaces With Decorative Fluorescent Light Covers

Expanding Cramped Spaces With Decorative Fluorescent Light Covers

18th Feb 2017

If there’s one thing any homeowner can’t stand, it’s a cramped space in their home. This could be their kitchen, office space, living room, bathroom, or even their bedroom.

When you can’t fully utilize an area of your home, due to the fact that it is so cramped, this could lead to discouragement when it comes to inviting family and friends over -- for fear of embarrassment -- or stop you from entering this space in your home altogether.

These issues are compounded when the space itself is devoid of windows, which can substantially aide in making any room appear larger and more expansive.

At this point, you may be at a loss when it comes to practical ways of making this space (or spaces) in your home appear larger, beyond pricey room expansions, renovations and window installations.

But, what if there was a solution that could make a room appear instantly larger, while also transforming the space itself into a work of art that you would want to show off to your guests whenever they came to visit? Well, this is possible with decorative fluorescent light covers!

What Are Decorative Fluorescent Light Covers?

If you’ve never been introduced to fluorescent light covers before, then you likely don’t have an idea in regards to the truly amazing benefits these innovations in decorative lighting can provide any room.

Consisting of a light diffusing panel, light covers go over any existing fluorescent light fixtures, and display an assortment of images to pull off an amazing effect on the eye.

For example, by installing flower light covers -- which display a wide range of vibrant and calming flowers -- on the walls of your living or sitting room, you’ll get an instant accent piece that can tie the entire space together perfectly.

By visiting, you’ll find a wide variety of ready-made light covers, all with different themes and subject matter. You can even create your own custom light covers in order to create a fully personalized space.

Now that you know what decorative fluorescent light covers are, in order to understand what they can do to make the cramped spaces in your home appear larger, you need to explore the best light cover themes for pulling off such an effect.

Cloud Light Covers For Cramped Spaces

As previously mentioned, when a space does not have windows, this could make the room appear much smaller than it actually is. This fact is made even worse if you’re devoid of windows in areas of your home that you spend most of your time in, such as your living room or kitchen.

In order to remedy this, you could empty your budget on installing new windows (though, this may not even be possible) or you could choose the more affordable, yet just as effective route by installing cloud light covers.

These light covers display gorgeous blue skies and clouds, and when installed on the ceiling of any room, successfully create the same expansive effect as a real skylight without the high cost or hassle.

To shop our entire selection of cloud light covers, click here.

Landscape Light Covers For Cramped Spaces

Similar to our cloud light covers, landscape light covers are ideal for rooms or any area of your home that lacks windows and can create an instant upgrade in visible space.

These light covers display palatial mountainscapes and expansive scenery, and are ideal for installing on your walls to create a faux-window with a view that looks out on a breathtaking outdoor landscape.

To shop our entire selection of landscape light covers, click here.

Astronomy Light Covers For Cramped Spaces

If you want to get a bit more creative, and create a more intriguing space while also creating the illusion of an expanded room, you should try our astronomy light covers.

These light covers depict eye-popping nebulae, galaxies and star patterns that are perfect for installing in a child’s bedroom, man-cave, or basement. You could even take it a step further by coupling these light covers with space-themed decor and furniture to create the illusion of the room floating in outer space.

To shop our entire selection of astronomy light covers, click here.

Other Decorative Fluorescent Light Covers For Cramped Spaces

Beyond the light covers listed above, Octo Lights has a few other decorative fluorescent light covers that are ideal for instantly expanding a room in your home, while also transforming it into a work of art.

For instance, our ocean light covers -- which display beautiful schools of fish, and other aquatic life such as sharks and dolphins -- can be installed in a cramped bathroom to create the illusion of being underwater with a view into the surrounding oceanscape.

You could also utilize our custom light covers, which open up the realm of possibilities when it comes to creating an expansive space in your home. Create light covers that display a city skyline, -- complete with skyscrapers, factories, and other buildings -- or some other type of expansive landscape. The possibilities are endless.

Octo Lights makes the process for creating your own light covers extremely quick and easy as well. You simply choose an image (based on our image requirements), upload it to our website, and then wait for a link in order to purchase your custom-made decorative fluorescent light covers.

Learn more about all of our light covers, as well as how to create your own on our website, at!

Easy to Install Eco-Friendly Decorative Light Covers

Not only are light covers from Octo Lights the most environmentally friendly light covers on the market -- given the fact that we use UV resistant, water-based inks for all of our products — but they’re also extremely easy to install and require no electrician or home improvement expertise whatsoever.

You simply go to our website and head over to our ‘How to Install’ page, which provides you with a quick and easy installation guide for all of our light covers.

We hope you’re enjoying our blog! Check out our wide selection of easy-to-install decorative light covers or create your own to transform any room in your home, business or office into a work of art. We provide some of the most unique gift-giving ideas for any special occasion, including birthdays, anniversaries and more!