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Fluorescent Light Panels and the Imagination

Fluorescent Light Panels and the Imagination

8th Apr 2019

Fluorescent light panels reduce the glare from bright fluorescent lights. Many businesses and institution have used them to create a more pleasant space to work, shop, learn, and play. Schools and hospitals use them to calm pupils and patients. In fact, one of the best and most beneficial use cases for decorative fluorescent light panels is in hospitals, where they can spur the imagination.

Just consider for a moment that you are lying in a hospital bed. You do not read much, or if you do, you have run out of newspapers or books to read. The small TV screen is playing a perpetual loop of asinine daytime television. Meanwhile, you are feeling stressed and uncomfortable. You stare up into the ceiling, not knowing what else to do. What do you see? Probably fluorescent light shining down on you. The glare is annoying at best, and at worst it is actually hurting your eyes. You are surrounded by beeping machines, speed walking nurses, and sick people. Meanwhile, there is almost nothing at all to interest you. This is the perfect situation for decorative fluorescent light panels.

Decorative Fluorescent Light Panels

Imagine if instead of bright fluorescent lights—or even garish diffuser panels with bright white light behind them—you had decorative fluorescent light panels with floral or cloud scenes on them. What if you could look up at a bright summer sky with fluffy cumulus cloud formations or the herringbone patterns of cirrus?

Suddenly, a hospital room opens up to summer sky, and the whole space feels less cramped and oppressive. The filtered fluorescent light would also be less likely to hurt your eyes. Thankfully, decorative fluorescent light panels reduce the glare of artificial light, which reduce eye soreness and fatigue. Cloud scenes are tranquil and provide you with the stress-free peaceful environment you need to heal.

Your imagination can enable you to see many things in clouds, and you can immerse yourself in clouds’ illusions as you gaze up at them. Cloud-themed decorative fluorescent light panels are certainly more peaceful and more stimulating than a plain ceiling with some fluorescent tubes shining down on you!

Crabs, Bulls and Great Bears

What if you are a scientific type, or prefer something meaningful to gaze at while you are confined to your bed? Would a constellation within your galaxy, the Milky Way, be of interest to you? Perhaps one of the more recognizable constellations such as Ursa Major - or the Great Bear. If not that, then the Big Dipper, or Plough, is another option. Maybe the 'W' shape of Cassiopeia or Orion with his unmistakable belt. Astronomy-themed decorative fluorescent light covers from Octo Lights can spur the imagination and capture the amazing night sky.

In addition to stars and constellations, Octo Lights offers beautiful images captured by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope. Imagine the wonder of a hospital patient as they stare up at the remnant of a supernova known as the Crab Nebula in the constellation of Taurus, the Bull. Or consider any of the other magnificent wonders from deep space that the Hubble Space Telescope can bring you. Any of these gorgeous images can be used as covers for decorative fluorescent light panels. Every one of them would be better to look at than a glaring fluorescent lamp.

Hospitals should be more aware of what their patients need and want. Nobody can deny the illusion of clouds, and of how peaceful they can seem to people stuck in their beds all day every day. The wonders of deep space can offer ill patients a few minutes of peaceful contemplation or even a few hours.

Hospital Managers, Take Note!

Hospital managers who want to improve the patient experience should think more about their décor. They should pay attention to how their lighting can both illuminate the wards and keep patients interested and even entertained. Most people have a great imagination. When they are confined to a sickbed, they can see things to entertain them in the simplest of images. Waterfalls, clouds, or star formations become portals to the imagination. So give your patients something to absorb themselves in and bring out their creative abilities. Beautiful covers for decorative fluorescent light panels can provide mental stimulation. They can help take patients’ minds off their illness and make their time in the hospital a little more bearable.