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Gas Station and Convenience Store Lighting: Stand Out With Fluorescent Light Covers

Gas Station and Convenience Store Lighting: Stand Out With Fluorescent Light Covers

6th Oct 2021

Does your gas station and convenience store light up the right way? It's a question that many gas station and convenience store owners ask themselves. The answer to this question is "yes" when you use Octo Lights fluorescent light covers. These gas station and convenience store lights are designed with your customers in mind, so you can communicate with them better. With Octo Lights gas station lights, you'll be able to communicate sales, discounts coupons, promotions, or new items to your customer. You can also use these fuel station lights for wayfinding by directing people to the different areas of the gas stations such as soda, beer, coffee etc.

Gas Station Advertising: The Final Frontier

Convenience Store Wayfinding: Fluorescent Light Covers

Gas Station Lighting For Brands: How Fluorescent Light Covers Help You Stand Out

Convenience Store Lighting For Retailers: Grow Sales With Fluorescent Light Covers

Gas Station Advertising: The Final Frontier

Gas stations and convenience stores are notorious for their cluttered and confusing signage. However, gas stations also offer a lot of potential for advertising. There's almost no ceiling space used in gas station stores - why not use that to your advantage? Octo Lights fluorescent light covers can be installed into gas station lights fixtures to advertise right above the heads of customers as they move throughout the store.

Octo Lights offers convenience store lighting solutions that allows convenience stores to promote new products, sale prices or rewards programs by putting messages over product shelves where people will actually see them.

Convenience Store Wayfinding: Octo Lights Can Help!

Have you ever noticed where your customers look when they first walk in the gas station? Up! They look up to see where the registers are, if there is a gas station map or other wayfinding signage. As they continue into gas stations, their eyes follow along the shelves of product before landing on your coolers and frozen food section.

If you want to make sure customers are greeted with sale items as soon as they walk in corner stores, then Octo Lights can help! You can use our convenience store lighting solutions for promoting new products above certain fuel stations shelves that will be seen first by everyone who walks through your doors. Creating a better customer experience while increasing your sales at the same time!

Gas Station Lighting For Brands: How Fluorescent Light Covers Make You Stand Out

Are you looking for a way to help your product stand out amongst the crowded convenience store shelves? Look no further! Octo Lights fluorescent light covers are the perfect solution. We can custom print your brand's images on light covers that easily install in gas station ceiling lights.

By using Octo Lights gas station lighting, you can increase brand awareness and visibility. Putting your product's logo above the cooler or shelves will help everyone who walks in see you! You do not have to worry about signage clutter as there are no other ads in the light fixtures.

Convenience Store Lighting for Retailers: Grow Your Sales With Custom Light Covers

In convenience stores, fluorescent light covers are used to promote new items, promotions and more. Custom gas station lighting is a great way for retailers to promote combo items, promotional pricing and loyalty programs. Stand out from the competition and wow your customers with this one of a kind lighting experience.

There are many benefits to using fluorescent light covers in gas stations and convenience stores. They can be used as a marketing tool by showcasing new items, promotions, reward programs, or product brands. Such as soda, beer, wine, energy drinks, candy or tobacco companies who want customers to know their products are available at the store. Gas station light covers also work well for retailers that want to promote combo deals and promotional pricing. It’s easy to see how they make wayfinding easier too! Get your custom gas station light cover today from our team of expert designers!