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Getting Your Business Seen With Fluorescent Light Covers

Getting Your Business Seen With Fluorescent Light Covers

18th Mar 2017

When it comes to running a business -- whether it be a restaurant, retail store, hotel or even a car dealership -- the need for advertising is something that will never go away; and for good reason: properly promoting your business not only attracts new eyes and potential customers, but it also serves as a reflection of your business and your products, furthering your brand as a whole.

Unfortunately, you can no longer simply take an ad out in the Sunday paper; in today's digital day and age, advertising the right way is typically an expensive endeavor, with pricey Facebook and Google ads that you may have no idea is actually getting you the exposure you need. Luckily, there’s a few innovative and practical methods for getting your business the exposure it needs while also being affordable for your budget…

Custom Fluorescent Light Covers

To understand what custom fluorescent light covers can do when it comes to advertising your business, you must first figure out what fluorescent light covers are.

It’s no surprise that many people aren’t aware of the benefits these innovations in decorative lighting can provide, as it’s still a relatively new technology that has been steadily gaining popularity for being a unique way to transform a dull or uninteresting room into a work of art.

Consisting of a diffusing light panel, decorative light covers go over any existing fluorescent lighting and display specific images to pull of an amazing effect on the eye while instantly upgrading a room’s visual appeal. Perfect for a room in your home, office or even your business, light covers create a focal point that will wow both you and your guests for years to come. Need an example?

If you have a kitchen that is entirely too cramped, but doesn’t have room for any windows, custom fluorescent light covers are the perfect solution. By installing our cloud light covers on your kitchen ceiling you can create the illusion of a real skylight with a constant view of the blue sky for a much more affordable price. Now that you know what fluorescent light covers are, we can discuss what they can do for advertising your business.

Advertising a Restaurant With Custom Light Covers

Restaurants are a tricky business to get into and run successfully. With so much competition, typically in close proximity to your restaurant, it takes a lot more than simply good food to attract new diners. This is why you should always be on the lookout for ways to stand out, which is what makes custom light covers so perfect.

For instance, try creating light covers that display images of your food items to entice diners to order specific items on the menu. You can install these on your walls or ceilings in the front of your restaurant, this way customers see them as soon as they walk through your doors. You could even create light covers with just your logo on them, which is a more subtle (yet still effective) way to showcase your restaurant's brand.

Advertising a Retail Store With Custom Light Covers

Similar to a restaurant, owning a retail store -- which sells clothing/apparel and other goods -- is a highly competitive endeavor. Taking every measure necessary to stand out from your competition, on top of providing incredible products, is imperative to your success. This can be achieved with custom light covers.

For example, by installing custom light covers that display limited time sales and other offers throughout your store (on your walls and ceiling) can entice customers to act fast and purchase an on-sale store item.

If you’re a clothing store, you could even create light covers that display models wearing your clothing items with your logo to increase your brand’s presence throughout your store. This is sure to leave a lasting presence on customers, which will increase word of mouth for your store.

Promoting a Car Dealership With Custom Light Covers

If you run a used car-lot or small local dealership, you may find it difficult to compete with the bigger dealerships in your neighborhood. To drive sales successfully you could create pricey advertisements for local television and radio, or go a much more affordable route and try unique custom light covers for your dealership.

These could display the specific cars and trucks you want seen the most by your customers and can be installed throughout your dealership, giving them the extra exposure they need. You could even showcase specific leasing information  for cars in your showroom or create light covers that only display your dealership’s logo in a stylized font that will leave a simplistic, yet effective impression on your customers. The possibilities are endless.

Where to Find Custom Light Covers

Not that you’ve been made aware of just some of the advertising opportunities custom light covers provide, you may be wondering just where you can order them.

Well, if you’re reading this article then you’re in the right place. Octo Lights is the world's premier provider of quality and eco-friendly fluorescent light covers. On top of having a wide range of ready-made fluorescent light covers to choose from -- including seascapes, cloudscapes and nature themes -- we also give customers the chance to create their very own light covers directly on our website.

The process for creating your custom light covers is quick and simple, all you have to do is follow 3 easy steps, which include: finding a custom image based on our image requirements, uploading your image on our website and waiting for a link in your email to purchase your order. It’s that easy! We hope you’re enjoying our blog! Check out our wide selection of easy-to-install decorative light covers or create your own to transform any room in your home, business or office into a work of art. With the holiday season on its way, we provide some of the most unique gift-giving ideas you’ll find this year!