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The Key To Utilizing Decorative Light Covers In Your Home

The Key To Utilizing Decorative Light Covers In Your Home

21st Nov 2017

For many homeowners, the need to keep their homes up to date in terms of style and visual appeal is at the top of their priority list. With that said, this is easier said than done.

In some cases, you may have purchased an older home -- with matching outdated decor, finishes, and design -- or, with other responsibilities (such as a job or family life) taking up most of your time, you simply haven't been able to keep up with your home aesthetically and it is now beginning to look outdated.

Whatever the case, some homeowners may see changing or upgrading their home's visual appeal as an expensive and time-consuming endeavor that at the end of the day won't make much of a difference. This thought process may lead some to even consider leaving their homes behind and relocating elsewhere in order to finally have the modern or updated look they're looking for in a home.

However, with a bit of ingenuity and out-of-the-box thinking, enhancing your home doesn't have to be complicated or even expensive. You could even effectively give rooms in your home an upgrade in terms of space with a simple solution. What is that solution? It begins by discovering the benefits of decorative fluorescent light covers and what they can do for your home.

What Are Decorative Fluorescent Light Covers?

Decorative fluorescent light covers are becoming renowned for their unique and effective ability to transform and expand any space.

While decorative fluorescent light covers offer incredible applications for homes and business offices, they are also ideal for more unorthodox spaces as well including hospitals, dental offices, restaurants, hotels, schools, and classrooms.

As everyone knows, standard fluorescent light fixtures emit harmfully harsh light that can cause a host of negative reactions including migraines, headaches, eye strain and a severe depletion of productivity. However, fluorescent light fixtures are incredibly affordable and energy efficient, which is what makes them so tantalizing for commercial spaces.

In order to remedy the issues fluorescent lighting poses while retaining all of the benefits, you should utilize a light diffusing panel. In this way, decorative fluorescent light covers are the perfect solution as they effectively shield you from the harsh light emitted by standard fixtures while displaying incredible images to significantly transform your spaces.

Installed over an existing fluorescent light fixture, decorative light covers display a wide range of images to create an incredible effect that could substantially enhance and expand any space in your home, office, or commercial location.

For example, by installing cloud light covers in a cramped and windowless bathroom, you'll be creating the same effect as a real sky light, without the astronomical costs. This will instantly upgrade the space while making it appear larger as you'll get the look and feel of a real window with a view of the outdoor sky.

Now that you know just what decorative fluorescent light covers are in order to fully understand what they can do, in terms of upgrading your home, let's explore some of the best areas of your property to utilize light covers:

Decorative Fluorescent Light Covers In Your Foyer/Entryway

By far one of the most important parts of your home is your foyer or entryway, as this is the first interior space you and your guests see when entering your property.

Unfortunately, some homeowners put more emphasis on other areas of their property -- such as their kitchen, living room, or bathroom -- and tend to ignore this area altogether, which can create an outdated and unmaintained look as soon as you walk into your home.

To remedy this, you can, of course, opt for expensive renovations and remodels, including pricey furniture, room expansions, and decor items, or you can choose the more instant and affordable option and install decorative fluorescent light covers in your entryway.

One of the best options when it comes to ready-made fluorescent light covers for enhancing your entryway is our landscape light covers. These light covers showcase a slew of gorgeous mountainscapes and nature-filled scenery that fits almost any theme or style and are the perfect modern option to begin bringing your home up to date.

Our landscape light covers can be installed on your foyer's walls and can even be combined to create a massive panel of light covers to create a truly intriguing centerpiece that will amaze you and your guests as soon as you walk through your front door.

Decorative Fluorescent Light Covers In Your Living Room

No space in your home can quite compare -- at least, in terms of how much time you and your family will be spending in the space -- to your living room.

Whether you utilize your living room as a place to gather around with your family to watch your favorite movies and TV shows, or simply a place to relax by the fireplace after a long day of work, your living room is an important area and, as such, should look inviting and visually appealing.

If you're dealing with an outdated, drab, or boring living room, this could severely impact the utility of this space while significantly decreasing your home's value if you should ever put it on the market in the future. Because of this, the living room is typically the first place a homeowner will feel the need to upgrade. However, this doesn't mean you have to spend thousands on electronics, wall features, furniture, and decor. You can effectively enhance your living room with decorative fluorescent light covers on your living room wall.

For instance, you can effectively create a unique and eye-popping accent wall in your living room by installing ocean light covers. These light covers display gorgeous and vibrant schools of fish and other sea life such as dolphins and sharks and will be the perfect accent piece for the one place in your home you spend time in the most.

If ocean life is not something you're fond of, you can also opt to create your own custom decorative fluorescent light covers (through Octo Lights), which will open up the realm of possibilities when it comes to living room decor. You can create light covers using photographs from a recent family vacation or trip to truly personalize your living room while giving it a much-needed centerpiece in terms of visual appeal.

Decorative Fluorescent Light Covers In Your Kitchen

The kitchen is by far the most sacred area of any home, as this is where you'll be making countless memories with your family, preparing and enjoying meals while entertaining guests.

Sadly, not every home is blessed with an ideal kitchen, and, in these cases, you may feel hard-pressed to ever cook a meal whether it be due to lack of space in your kitchen or simply an outdated look with aging appliances, counter-tops, and cabinetry.

To counteract these kitchen woes, you can do what most homeowners do and begin a lengthy and costly kitchen renovation, which will give you the more up-to-date look and feel you want out of your home's kitchen. However, for a finishing touch, you can always decide to add decorative fluorescent light covers.

As mentioned earlier in this article, cloud light covers are perfect for not only enhancing the visual appeal of your spaces but also for providing the illusion of more space. Similarly, you can use astronomy light covers on your kitchen ceiling to provide the same effect of a real sky light.

These light covers showcase breathtaking star patterns, galaxies, and nebulae and are great for truly pulling together your kitchen space while effectively expanding it at the same time. Guests will be amazed at how realistic these light covers look and will swear that the night sky is visible on your kitchen ceiling.

Decorative Fluorescent Light Covers In Your Bedroom

While the bedroom is a more personal area of your home, as it's where you spend only a few hours to sleep and get dressed in the morning, it is still an integral aspect of your home as a whole and makes quite a difference when it comes time to put your home on the market as well.

Outdated or drab bedrooms can feel stuffy and uninviting and could even lead to sleeping problems as you struggle to get comfortable in this space. To remedy these issues, you could choose to renovate your bedroom with brand new furniture, paint colors, and even new flooring.

However, if a total bedroom remodel is not within your budget, installing decorative fluorescent light covers in your bedroom is the next best option and can effectively create the calming and inviting atmosphere you want out of this space.

One of the best fluorescent light cover options for your bedroom is our tree light covers, which display calming foliage, trees, and nature-filled scenery to provide a relaxing and soothing atmosphere. Images of nature are known to calm the mind, which is why these light covers are the perfect addition to your master bedroom.

If you're thinking of upgrading your child's room, then you're in luck, as decorative light covers are ideal for children of all ages. You can either try one of our ready-made light covers, such as our ocean, landscape, or waterfall light covers in your child's room or (if you want to showcase your child's personality) you can even create custom light covers that display their favorite animated characters or sports teams. This is just a small way of making your child's bedroom more enjoyable and will allow you to perfectly reflect their personal interests and personalities in a unique way.

Additional Areas In Your Home To Use Fluorescent Light Covers

While the areas listed above are the most used spaces of the typical home, there are some additional spaces (if you should have them in your home) where decorative fluorescent light covers can come in handy.

These areas include your den, basement, walk-in closets, home offices, and library. With the option to create custom light covers, you can even use decorative fluorescent light covers on a seasonal basis to help you celebrate each holiday throughout the year, including Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, July 4th, and Halloween.

Shopping For Decorative Fluorescent Light Covers Online

As with any product, finding and purchasing fluorescent light covers online is a risky proposition as you're never sure that the website you choose to buy from is a fit for your needs, budget, and quality standards.

However, with Octo Lights, you never have to worry about quality, affordability or customer service when it comes to decorative fluorescent light cover.

At Octo Lights, we're the world's premier provider of high quality decorative fluorescent light covers and we place a massive emphasis on customer satisfaction, which is why we offer a money-back guarantee on all of our products.

This means, if you don't love your fluorescent light covers or they fail to meet your expectations when it comes to upgrading and transforming your spaces, then you can either send your order back for a full refund or simply choose another light cover.

Why Choose Octo Lights?

Beyond offering our customers the widest selection of ready-made light covers -- including beach, landscape, ocean, waterfall, and astronomy themes -- we also give you the option to create your own custom light covers, which significantly opens up your possibilities to make any space your own.

What's more? The process for creating your own light covers couldn't be easier. You simply choose your image (based on our requirements), upload it to our website, and then wait for a link to be able to purchase your order.

To top it off, Octo Lights is dedicated to being one of the most eco-friendly companies you'll ever purchase from. All of our products are produced using only UV-resistant, water-based inks, which allows us to lessen our impact on the planet.

Contact Octo Lights today to learn more about our entire selection of decorative fluorescent light covers, or if you need help installing your recent order, click here for easy-to-comprehend installation instructions. Feel free to also check out our Testimonials page to see what some of our past satisfied customers are saying about their experience with Octo Lights!