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Kitchen Lighting Panels in Your Home: Sky & Cloud Panels and More

Kitchen Lighting Panels in Your Home: Sky & Cloud Panels and More

30th Jun 2019

The kitchen is one of the most popular rooms in the home to renovate. The only other toom that comes close is the bathroom. But one place people sometimes fail to look is up, at the ceiling. More and more homeowners are gazing upward and choosing decorative light panels for their kitchens. Why do people use kitchen lighting panels in their home? And why are so many choosing sky & cloud panels specifically? There are a number of reasons for this, ranging from financial to decorative factors. Here are some of the reasons people are choosing kitchen light panels along with a few reasons why this type of decorative fluorescent light panel could benefit you.

Fluorescent Light in Kitchens

Lighting in a kitchen should be uniform and bright. There is a time and place for mellow, relaxing lighting. But in your kitchen, you need to avoid uneven light that could make preparing food difficult and even dangerous. Kitchens involve the use of knives and a whole host of electrical equipment that could do damage if used improperly. Good lighting across the entire kitchen is crucial.

A traditional light bulb (even the new LED kind) radiates light from a single spot source. That can create deep shadows. And the level of light decreases severely in areas that don't have a clear and open line to the bulb. You can use two or more such sources to try to overlap and light more area. But that does not solve the problem completely, and it adds to the cost of lighting your kitchen.

Fluorescent lighting tubes offer a more even light than a single traditional light bulb. With a wider light source, light is spread more broadly across your kitchen. Unfortunately, fluorescent lighting is not kind to the eyes. In fact, it is one of the most garish and offensive domestic light sources available today. For that reason, they usually are fitted with diffuser panels.  Two or three tubes can be equipped with several panels to diffuse the light properly.

Fluorescent light diffuser panels reduce the glare, but they do not eliminate it. And although they may be a partial relief, they are not particularly attractive. These kitchen lighting panels can make your kitchen look like an institutional dining hall or a hospital room. You can do a lot better than that with your kitchen without appreciably changing the light levels. That's where decorative kitchen lighting panels come in.

Kitchen Lighting Panels

What would you like to see shining down on you from your kitchen ceiling? Want to cook your food under a beautiful blue sky with fluffy clouds? A view of the sky at midnight? A canopy of trees rising high above you? Or perhaps just some beautiful flowers? Maybe you'd love to gaze up at an ocean sunset with fabulous warm streaks of orange and yellow light.

These are all very popular images for decorative fluorescent light panels. The super-high definition photographs combined with the backlighting effect make these scene's extra realistic.

The decorative kitchen lighting panels start as a heavy film made of special fire resistant material. The films are custom printed with the image of your choice, using sustainable water-based inks. The printed film lays on top of the fluorescent kitchen lighting panels you already have.

Sky & Cloud Panels

Sky & cloud light panels are our most popular style of kitchen lighting panels. These gorgeous panels feature images of a blue sky and white clouds. They not only add color to your kitchen ceiling, but they also add height. You could honestly think that you are looking up through a skylight in your ceiling to a beautiful summer day. It is difficult to think of any better form of decoration for a kitchen ceiling. The advantage is that you will always be looking up at a sunny day. It's never dark or cloudy over your kitchen!

Whether you opt to use sky & cloud light panels or any other style of kitchen lighting panels, they are easy to install and need little maintenance. Just give them a quick wipe with a wet cloth every now and again to keep them free of oil and dirt. You will not only make your neighbors jealous, but your kitchen will be a much more pleasant place to be when cooking! You certainly won't be locking your kitchen door at parties!