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The kitchen is one of the most popular rooms in the home to renovate. The only other toom that comes close is the bathroom. But one place people sometimes fail to look is up, at the ceiling. More and more homeowners are gazing upward and choosing decorative light panels for their kitchens. Why do people use kitchen lighting panels in their home? And why are so many choosing sky & cloud panels specifically? There are a number of reasons for th… Read more
When we think of surgery lighting, we tend to picture an unconscious patient lying on a table under bright lights. But some surgery is done with patients awake. In those cases, lighting needs to be about more than just making sure the surgeon can see. Surgery lighting should be designed to keep patients stress-free and relaxed. This is particularly true of lighting for oral surgery. Patients tend to be more stressed about dental procedures than a… Read more
A great deal of research has been carried out on the effects of fluorescent lighting on schoolchildren. There is also a body of research on the impact of fluorescent light on children's behavior in general. Most of this has been directed at establishing whether or not fluorescent lighting in schools causes hyperactivity, and whether it can also affect autistic children.Most schools and hospitals use fluorescent lighting, mainly because of the pri… Read more
Decorative sky & cloud panels can be used to create spectacular bedroom ceilings. Why not create a bedroom with a difference by installing fluorescent lighting fitted with transparent or translucent light covers printed with an amazing design or image of your choice? There is only one reason why you cannot do this, but those who do very rarely regret it.That one reason is the form of most bedroom lighting. Bedrooms very rarely come with fluoresce… Read more