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What Makes Fluorescent Light Covers Ideal For Schools?

What Makes Fluorescent Light Covers Ideal For Schools?

20th Feb 2017

No matter the grade level, if you’re a teacher then it’s likely that your main priority is to take every measure necessary to ensure all of your students receive the proper education.

Unfortunately, in this day and age, students are becoming more and more disinterested with their academics, as having a social life takes precedence for most children, which can be detrimental to their chances of graduating on time, getting into college and to their future overall.

However, wanting to chat with their friends is hardly the only culprit at play when it comes to the recent dip in academic importance for students. At the end of the day, most schools today simply aren’t equipped to make the classroom fun and exciting. Which is even more important given the times.

Think about it, the more invigorating and engaging the classroom -- meaning a classroom that ditches the plain white brick walls and invasively bright fluorescent lighting with more appropriate decor and lighting -- the more incentivized the student is to pay attention while in class. This is why teachers should take it upon themselves to implement a few simple (and affordable) elements in their classroom.

One of these elements is fluorescent light covers, which can surprisingly be utilized as an additional educational tool, while also improving the environment of your classroom and the productivity of your students.

What Are Decorative Fluorescent Light Covers?

If you’ve never been introduced to fluorescent light covers before, then you likely don’t have an idea in regards to the truly amazing benefits these innovations in decorative lighting can provide any room.

Consisting of a light diffusing panel, light covers go over any existing fluorescent light fixtures, and display an assortment of images to pull off an amazing effect on the eye.

For example, by installing flower light covers — which display a wide range of vibrant and calming flowers — on the walls of your living or sitting room, you’ll get an instant accent piece that can tie the entire space together perfectly.

By visiting, you’ll find a wide variety of ready-made light covers, all with different themes and subject matter. You can even create your own custom light covers in order to create a fully personalized space.

Now that you know what decorative fluorescent light covers are, in order to understand what they can do to improve the productivity of your students and the atmosphere of your classroom, you need to explore the best practices for using these innovations in decorative lighting in a classroom setting.

Astronomy Light Covers For Classrooms

If you teach astronomy, your classroom could not be more of a perfect fit for fluorescent light covers.

For instance, by installing our astronomy light covers on your classroom ceiling -- which display breathtaking images of star systems, galaxies, and nebulae -- you will not only impress your students with a unique decor item, but you can also keep their minds on the subject while simulating how different star patterns look up close.

Custom Light Covers for Algebra/Math Classrooms

Statistically, math (and every related subject, for that matter) is one of the most difficult subjects for students grade school and beyond.

This is why opting for something as creative and eye-catching as custom fluorescent light covers — which could display certain multiplication problems or helpful tips — could be a great way to keep your student’s minds thinking about the subject consistently.

You could even take it a step further by creating light covers that display test and exam dates, as a constant reminder that students will never forget; or give your students inspiration by using light covers that display famous mathematicians like Isaac Newton and Archimedes.

Decorative Light Covers for Biology Classrooms

When it comes to the studying the human body, nothing could be more complex.

Students taking biology or anatomy need to be able to gain a close understanding of how the body works, including the bones, muscles, and nerves.  After all, the students who excel in these subjects typically go on to become a professional in the medical field later on in their lives.

In order to keep students engaged, try combining multiple custom light covers to create a larger image. This image can display the bone structure of the human body on your classroom wall or ceiling, and will give your students the opportunity to study a larger than usual diagram in order to get a better understanding of where every bone and muscle in the human body is located.

Where to Find Decorative Fluorescent Light Covers

Octo Lights is the leader in quality decorative light covers and we’ve been transforming hundreds of bedrooms, offices and classrooms into jaw dropping works of art.

We’re a real company focused on customer service, which is why we have such raving reviews from everyone that orders a fluorescent light cover from us.

We make light covers that are easy to install, eco-friendly (through the use of UV-resistant, water-based ink); and on top of offering a wide selection of ready-made light covers, we also give customers the opportunity to create their own to showcase their personal interests in any room. Contact us today to learn more!

Easy to Install Eco-Friendly Decorative Light Covers

Not only are light covers from Octo Lights the most environmentally friendly light covers on the market — given the fact that we use UV resistant, water-based inks for all of our products — but they’re also extremely easy to install and require no electrician or home improvement expertise whatsoever.

You simply go to our website and head over to our ‘How to Install’ page, which provides you with a quick and easy installation guide for all of our light covers.

We hope you’re enjoying our blog! Check out our wide selection of easy-to-install decorative light covers or create your own to transform any room in your home, business or office into a work of art. We provide some of the most unique gift-giving ideas for any special occasion, including birthdays, anniversaries and more!