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Personalize Your Office Space With Custom Fluorescent Light Covers

Personalize Your Office Space With Custom Fluorescent Light Covers

13th Sep 2017

When it comes to your office space -- whether at work or in your home -- there are a wide range of options out there to personalize and make it your own.

With that said, most options you'll find for decor and furniture come with a hefty price tag, and at the end of the day, these pieces may never truly capture your personal style and tastes. After all, an office space should be all your own and should reflect who you are in order to encourage the highest level of productivity.

This is why you should seriously consider purchasing items for your office space that can be personalized. In this case, there is no better option out there than custom decorative fluorescent light covers.

Why Choose Custom Fluorescent Light Covers For Your Office Space?

Custom light covers allow you to decorate any room in your home, office, and/or business using any images of your choosing.

These light covers can be installed over any existing fluorescent light fixture and will amaze in terms of visual appeal and functionality. Not to mention, by installing these fluorescent light diffusing panels, you'll be decreasing the harsh light in your office space which will, in turn, decrease the risk of eye strain and headaches, while increasing your productivity at the same time.

Now that you know the benefits custom ceiling light panels can provide for your office space, let's explore some ideas for images you can use.

Create Custom Light Covers With Family Photos

One of the most intriguing ideas for creating custom light covers for your office (home or otherwise) is to utilize family photographs.

This can include images from a family vacation, wedding, fishing and camping trip, or anything in between. With your family photos displayed beautifully on your office walls or ceiling, you'll constantly be surrounded by personal moments that are near and dear to your heart.

Using Images Of Your Favorite Sports Team For Your Custom Light Covers

If you're a massive sports fan, then you should consider creating custom light covers for your office space using images of your favorite teams.

For instance, if you're a fan of the Golden State Warriors, you could create light covers that display images of star players like Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, or the entire team.

This works for any team in any sports league such as the NFL, NBA, NHL, or MLB, and is the perfect way to showcase your support for a team while hard at work at the office.

Utilizing Custom Light Covers With Motivational Quotes

Affirmations and motivational quotes are extremely popular and can be used every day to give folks a much needed motivational kick, which is why they're most ideal whenever you're working.

This is why, if you've ever used affirmations or motivational quotes in the past, you should consider creating custom light covers that display specific quotes. For instance, if you're struggling to finish that report with a strict due date, you can simply look to your custom light cover on your wall or ceiling for a quick boost of inspiration.

Where To Find Custom Fluorescent Light Covers Online

When it comes to creating your own custom light covers online, no company makes the process easier, quicker or more affordable than Octo Lights.

We've been offering the option to create your own light covers for years, and our customers have been able to create some of the most personalized and beautiful works of art. The process begins by simply choosing your image(s) (based on our image requirements), uploading it to our website, and waiting for a link to be able to purchase your order. It's that simple.

Why Buy Fluorescent Light Covers From Octo Lights?

You may be wondering what separates Octo Lights from our competitors. For starters, our company has the widest range of ready-made light covers available online for purchase.

What's more? Octo Lights emphasizes eco-friendliness, and we're proud to produce all of our products with UV-resistant, water-based ink in order to lessen our impact on the earth. Not to mention, Octo Lights ships worldwide, so no matter where you are, you can receive a fluorescent light cover that excels in both quality and affordability.

Consider Our Ready-Made Light Covers For Your Office Space

Beyond the options you have to create your own custom light covers, you may find the light cover you want for your office space already available on our website.

For example, if you want to expand the space of your office space without installing windows, you can easily install our cloud light covers, which give you the same look and feel of real skylights.

You can also showcase your love for the night sky with our astronomy light covers, which showcase gorgeous nebulae, star patterns, and galaxies and can be installed on your office ceiling or walls.

Some of our additional options for light covers include ocean, beach, tree and nature themes, among many others. Shop our entire selection of ready-made light covers here.

Easy To Install Decorative Fluorescent Light Covers

In addition to offering the most eclectic options for fluorescent light covers online, fluorescent light covers from Octo Lights are the easiest to install on the market, by far.

When your light cover arrives, you can simply install it in just 4 easy steps. You begin by opening the tabs on the light cover to open the frame, before lowering the frame, placing the light cover on the light diffuser, and (finally) raising the frame and locking the tabs.

If you ever need assistance with installing your light covers, you can visit our 'How To Install' page, which breaks the process down in an easy to comprehend installation guide.

Feel free to contact Octo Lights to learn more about any of our superb fluorescent light covers, one of our experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have. You can also check out what our customers are saying about their experience with Octo Lights by visiting our reviews page.