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Sky and Cloud Panels:  Using Sky LED Light Panels in Your Home

Sky and Cloud Panels: Using Sky LED Light Panels in Your Home

31st Jul 2019

When most people think of fluorescent lights, they think of offices, schools, and institutions, like hospitals. But due to their high efficiency and long lifespan, fluorescent and LED lights have made inroads in domestic lighting. While some single-family homes use fluorescent light, it is most common in apartments and condos. Both fluorescent and LED lights are now commonly used in domestic kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms. However, when they are used for general lighting, both fluorescents and LEDs require diffuser panels to soften the harsh light. You can use sky and cloud light panels in your home wherever you have fluorescent light covers or LED light panels. Both LED and fluorescent light can be very harsh, even with standard transparent or translucent diffusers. Sky and cloud light panels help to soften and filter the light, as well as providing beautiful images. Continue reading to learn about our home lighting solutions.

LED Light Panels  and Blue Summer Skies

Diffuser panels for fluorescent and LED lights are usually dull and unadorned. They are typically made of a frosted glass or plastic sheet that lays underneath the lights to keep the glare from hurting your eyes. Unlike traditional light fixtures, diffuser panels do little to improve a room’s decor. In fact, they can often make a room look worse. This is where sky and cloud panels can make all the difference.

Sky and cloud panels are designed to fit the standard-sized domestic LED or fluorescent light panels in your home. However, if you are concerned about proper fit, just contact Octo Lights. Let us know the size of your current diffusers, and we will cut your light covers to fit.

Octo Lights decorative sky and cloud panels are easy to fit (once you have the right size) and simple to install. They are printed with photographs of blue sky and white clouds, though many other designs are also available. Another very popular series includes images of the night sky with stars and constellations. We also offer other nature images, such as mountain landscapes, tropical beaches, trees, and flowers. However, the consistent favorite with our customers are the images of blue summer skies enhanced with fluffy cumulus clouds.

Reasons for the Popularity of Sky and Cloud Panels

Why is using sky LED light panels in your home so popular?  Why are so many people using them to decorate their ceilings? Some people even redesign the entire decorative style of the room to suit them. To explain this growing trend, we have to look at the benefits of using sky and cloud light panels in your home.

  • They provide an alternative to the plain matte-white diffuser panels that offer nothing to your home decor.
  • Sky and cloud panels enhance the appeal of your room, adding another dimension to ceilings that are usually an unremarkable component of your home decor.
  • They are interesting and can even be a conversation piece.
  • They increase the apparent height of your ceiling. Many of our customers use them on low ceilings to make them feel more open. These panels add height to a low ceiling by creating a very realistic simulation of a skylight that looks out on a gorgeous summer day.
  • The images on our panels are genuine photographs taken by our photographers, not manipulated images. So there is nothing fake-looking about our decorative light covers. They look just like the real thing.
  • You can change decorative light panels in your home as you please. You can switch out various daylight sky views, or even swap them out for night views of the stars. As the seasons change, you can change your light panels to keep up with the times.
  • They are inexpensive and very easy to install. You can watch our installation video here.

Fluorescent Light Covers in Schools and Hospitals

Although many use sky LED light panels and fluorescent light covers in their homes, schools and hospitals have also started using them. They provide a more peaceful ambiance than the harsh glare of ordinary fluorescent and LED lighting systems. That’s especially important in a setting like a hospital where nerves can run high, and patients need to feel relaxed to rest. Schools have also found that decorative light covers calm students and make them better learners.

Using Octo Lights Light Panels in Your Home

Sky and cloud panels can make a big difference in the appeal of your home. They’re great to impress visitors and give your home a fresh new look. But they can also help you to relax when you are home alone. Harsh lighting is known to keep people on edge, but sky fluorescent light panels and LED light covers have a calming and soothing influence. Check out our whole inventory to find out which decorative light panels will be perfect in your home.