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Tips for Better Garage Lighting

7th Oct 2014

Fluorescent light panels are a great way to diffuse light efficiently in any room. They are also very effective in increasing the appeal and attractiveness of any space where they are installed. In our years of experience in this industry, we have shared our expertise about lighting with our customers. If you’re looking for ways to improve the lighting in your garage, read on below for some simple and practical tips to accomplish this.

Adequate Lighting

Most garages have a single bare bulb for illumination. Since we do not consider this part of our living space and we are almost always merely passing through the garage, this is deemed adequate by many homeowners.

In reality, you need bright and consistent light in your garage. The last thing you want is to slip on an oil patch or a wayward tool on the garage floor as you’re making your way to the house with an armload of groceries. Replace incandescent bulbs with fluorescent light fixtures and convert your garage into a safer, better-lit space.

Reliable Lighting

It’s important to remember that not all fluorescent lights work consistently in cold weather. You need to make sure the light fixture you install in your garage will perform reliably under any weather condition. Determine the coldest temperature in your garage and choose a fluorescent fixture based on that. You can find the starting temperatures on the ballast. Buy fluorescent fixtures with electronic ballasts if the temperature in your garage goes below 50 degrees.

Specialty Lighting

If you do some type of work in your garage where you need to see paint colors or wood stains clearly, opt for lighting fixtures or lamps with a color rendering index of at least 85. You can usually locate this information on the company’s website or product catalog. It is not normally indicated on the bulb itself or the packaging.

For safety reasons, convenience and ease with carrying out special projects, be sure to install the appropriate lighting fixtures in your garage.

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