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Tips on Optimizing Lighting for Photography

30th Sep 2014

As a successful supplier of decorative fluorescent light panels, we have invested a tremendous amount of time and effort in understanding our stock-in-trade – light. Our efforts have resulted in a trove of knowledge and information about light and lighting elements that we have shared with our customers through the years, including how to best use light in photography. Scroll down and view our 3 rock solid lighting tips for photography.

The Best Time of Day To Take Pictures

Photographers refer to early morning or evening as the magic hours. Taking pictures at these times of the day bathes your subject in soft light that is extremely flattering. Soft light preserves texture and definition in a shot. This gives you the opportunity to use natural shadows as a way to present your subjects in their most appealing light.

Shoot in the Shade

If you must take pictures outside at other times of the day, keep in mind that direct sunlight can result in pictures that appear "washed out" because too much light virtually obliterates the subject. Avoid this by having your subject face the light source and taking the shot standing between your subject and the light source with your back to the light.

Of course, this could also result in pictures where your subjects will be squinting to protect themselves from the glare of the light. To prevent this from happening, find a shady spot and take your shot there. A tall tree or a nearby building will provide enough of a shadow so you can capture your subject in natural light while exposing them to as little harsh lighting as possible.

Front Lighting

When taking pictures indoors, you can minimize the appearance of shadows and harsh-looking features by opting for front lighting instead of direct overhead lights. Soften your subject’s features and create a more delicate appearance by keeping the light source close to the lens and keeping it focused directly towards your subject.

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