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Use Light Lenses To Create A Spectacular Dining Room

Use Light Lenses To Create A Spectacular Dining Room

6th Aug 2016

You can use light lenses to create a spectacular dining room. Use original ceiling décor to brighten up your dining room and amaze your guests. What would most people use on the ceiling of a dining room? The usual old white paint, or some form of wallpaper?

Old hat, and highly unlikely to impress anybody! What you need to impress the neighbors, the boss or even your own family is something different - something that nobody else has thought of. A spectacular form of ceiling décor is sure to impress. They may not notice it at first, but when they do - WOW! See their eyes light up and hear that quick intake of breath that indicates amazement!

Light Lenses - Fluorescent Light Panels that Amaze

So what is it that we are talking about here? Light lenses, or fluorescent light panels is what we are talking about. Printed plastic inserts you can slip over the top of the light panels set just below your lighting. If you do not have fluorescent lighting in your dining room, then it will be well worth installing it. Just for the kudos and neighborly envy that such ceiling décor will earn

Fluorescent light panels, also known as light lenses, are normally diffuser panels, frosted. glass or acrylic designed to spread the light from multiple tubes evenly over your ceiling. If you place a thin sheet of printed plastic on top of these, between the panel and the lighting tube, you will create a glorious backlit show of the design or photograph printed onto the plastic.

You can display an amazing view of the night sky, as though your ceiling was open to the heavens. You can gaze out onto distant galaxies, or amazing views of nebulae taken from the Hubble telescope. You can even make your visitors feel that night is the daytime, with fluffy clouds sitting against a blue sky backdrop.

Design Your Own Light Lens

You can have any view you wish displayed on your ceiling, even your own photographs. Octolights can use your own images to create your own personal light lenses. They can be designed to match your existing dining room décor, or simply as a spectacular form of ceiling décor constructed using your own personal photographs. Display your kids looking down onto the table, or even a peaceful ocean or one of standard images showing the moon and the stars, or a variety of trees overhanging your home.

The potential uses for illuminated ceiling light panels is unlimited. Photographs, paintings, your children’s drawings or even views of your home can be uses as a unique form of ceiling décor. If you check out the Octolights website you will find a wide selection of fabulous standard images. We can use your own images if they are in a standard file format such as jpeg or some other image formats you will find on the website.

Amaze Your Guests with Your Own Personal Light Covers

The dimensions of the image should be At least 150-300 DPI and at least 11.187″ x 23.25″ We will then create your panel, panels if you order more than one, and all you need do is to follow our simple instructions on how to apply it to your light panel. It’s really quite easy to do.

Your light lens can then be used in your dining room to impress visitors - and yourself with the simplicity of the concept and the amazing results you can achieve. Amaze your guests with decorative light covers of your own design. Don’t just follow the crowd with your ceiling décor - use light lenses and be the first in your neighborhood to turn your ceiling into a view of the heavens that most people will never see.