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Imagine dolphins, turtles, sharks and shoals of beautifully colored tropical fish swimming about on your ceilings and your walls. Your own aquarium to thrill and delight your children! An effect to amaze your guests and that you can switch on or off as your mood dictates. Obviously, such a thing is impossible unless you are multi-millionaire. But you can have the next best thing with Octo Lights decorative light covers for your children and guest… Read more
To say you can design your own sky would be a step too far for anybody. The sky and the universe are what they are, and you cannot change that. However, you can design your own sky-and-cloud panels to display on your ceiling. If you are a photography buff, you can take your own photos of the sky to display as sky-and-cloud panels. Or you could upload a completely different image to create custom decorative light covers.All you need to design your… Read more
Sky-and-cloud panels are a natural-looking form of ceiling décor suitable for any room in your home. Let's look at what sky-and-cloud panels are and how they can enhance any ceiling. Many people who have used them would never use any other form of ceiling décor in their homes. So, first, what are sky-and-cloud panels?What Are Sky-and-Cloud Panels for Natural Ceiling DécorSky-and-cloud panels are printed sheets of polyester installed above the dif… Read more
With the booming popularity of home-improvement shows, magazines, and websites, it seems everyone is looking for new decor ideas. Bathroom and kitchen renovations are all the rage. And busting down walls to create an open floor plan is common fodder for home improvement types. But if you're not ready to invest thousands of dollars and start demolishing large parts of your home, you have another option. And we bet that none of your friends have do… Read more