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Why Use Octolights for Your Decorative Light Covers?

Why Use Octolights for Your Decorative Light Covers?

26th Sep 2016

Good Question! Why use Octolights for your decorative light covers when there are other companies offering the same service?  One of the reasons is our amazing range of standard designs or images.  Our website currently offers you a range of images in eleven categories. We have a massive range of standard fluorescent light covers you can choose from.

Custom Decorative Light Covers

If you cannot find any image in our range you want to use, then send us your own!  We can use your image to create your very own decorative light cover. If for any reason you are unhappy with your light cover, either custom or from our standard range, then you have 2 weeks from the date of delivery to either choose another design or to return and cancel your order.

Here are some other reasons why our customers are happy with our service. 

Octolights Price Challenge:

Another benefit of using Octo Lights for your decorative fluorescent light covers is our price challenge. If within 30 days of your purchase, you can find a light cover of the same quality being offered at a lower price, including handling and shipping, and then give us a call. Once our customer service department verifies your claim of a lower price then we will refund the difference plus an addition 10% of your payment.

Damage on Delivery:

If you receive your new Octolights decorative light cover damaged, than take a photograph of it. A cell phone photo will do if it shows the damage clearly. Also, photo any damaged packaging that might have been responsible.  Once you contact us, we will provide with the rest of the details needed to complete the process.  On receipt, your order will be reprocessed then shipped back to you as soon as we can.

Custom Sizes:

Custom sizes are not a problem. Our standard sizes are cut to fit the standard 2′ x 4′, 2′ x 2′, and 1′ x 4′ fluorescent light fixtures. The exact size for each decorative fluorescent light cover is available on the web page for that specific cover. If you prefer something different, we can usually do that. In most cases, we do not charge extra for this.


We usually ship standard decorative light covers within 24-48 hours after receiving the order. Your custom frame will usually take slightly longer because we have to make the printing plate using your image. We ship inland via FedEx ground. Once the shipment has been arranged we will email you order details plus a FedEx tracking number.

Decorative Light Cover Fitting Instructions: 

Full fitting instructions for our decorative fluorescent light covers are provided. You will usually have no need to cut them yourself. Simply unlock and drop your light frame then slip the decorative light cover in over the diffusion panel and replace the frame.

So Why Use Octolights for Your Decorative Light Covers?

Why use Octolights for your decorative light covers? The above are the main reasons for doing so, but the major reason of all is the exceptionally high quality of our products. They are printed using the best possible lightfast inks onto high quality polyester flexible film that is not affected by the high intensity of fluorescent or LED lighting systems.