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Using Decorative Fluorescent Light Covers in Your Home

Using Decorative Fluorescent Light Covers in Your Home

31st Mar 2019

Using decorative fluorescent light covers in your home can add color and interest to your ceiling. Most fluorescent lighting is found in schools, offices, institutions, and commercial spaces. But a surprising number of homes still use some amount of fluorescent lighting. The most common places to find fluorescent lights at home is in kitchens and bathrooms. These are both highly functional spaces, but sometimes the decor of the space can be a bit overlooked.

Do you ever feel that the fluorescent lighting in your home is a bit glaring or harsh? It may be time to put a little more thought into your fluorescent light. After all, fluorescent light isn't always easy on the eyes. And even when your lighting is hidden behind diffuser panels, it can still get a bit harsh. Besides, the plan fluorescent light fixtures and diffuser panels can just get monotonous. So if walking into your kitchen or bathroom means being greeted by a boring white light that might do its job in lighting but does nothing for you—except perhaps hurt your eyes—it’s time for a change.

Fluorescent Lighting and LED Lamp Trends

Changing trends in fluorescent lighting systems and LED lamps are changing the way we think about lighting in our homes, offices, and commercial buildings. At one time in the not too distant past, large rooms were illuminated using one or more chandeliers consisting of many tungsten filament lamps of average power.

Nowadays, larger spaces are often illuminated with fluorescent lighting or even LED lamps. The light a fluorescent fixture or LED lamp provides is usually diffused using plastic diffuser covers. Diffusion is necessary to prevent too much direct light that can be hard on the eyes. Several bare fluorescent tubes installed on the ceiling of a room in your home would have a very negative impact on your home décor. To soften the light somewhat and to hide ugly bulbs, builders use all sorts of diffusers. Usually, however, those diffusers are little more than glazed or slightly patterned translucent plastic. They work to protect our eyes from a bare bulb, but do little to improve the aesthetics of a room.

Decorative Fluorescent Light Covers

Standard white plastic or frosted glass diffusion panels are not ideal for home use. They can make the ceiling of your room look like an office or hospital ceiling. One excellent and cost-effective solution is to use decorative fluorescent light covers.

Octo Lights makes gorgeous decorative fluorescent light covers in a large variety of designs. If you want, your ceiling can appear as if you are looking up into the sky. Our sky and cloud themed decorative light covers are like looking up at a clear blue sky with puffy white cumulus clouds. The cloud theme is one of our most popular designs for a good reason. Homeowners love the feeling of openness and sunshine that these decorative fluorescent light covers evoke. Even on a cloudy day or at night, walking into a room with cloud-themed decorative light covers is like walking into a beautiful day.

Alternatively, you can look past the clouds into outer space. Our astronomy-themed collection offers decorative fluorescent light covers with a view of the perfect night sky. You will be mesmerized by the beautiful splash of stars and the clear, bright Milky Way. If you like, you can look even farther into space. We offer brilliant full-color images of distant galaxies and nebulae taken by NASA’s Hubble Telescope!

Perhaps you just want to get away for it all. In that case, our beach-themed decorative light covers will transport you to tropical beach getaways. When you install these decorative fluorescent light covers, you can practically hear the soft ocean waves and feel the warm sand under your feet.

Where to Use Decorative Diffuser Panels

Wherever you use fluorescent lighting, it is always best to use decorative fluorescent light covers to spread the light and prevent it from glaring into your eyes. The first use case for these special diffuser panels was to filter fluorescent light. But with the rise of modern LED lighting systems, their use has grown. LED lamps are bright and very directional, and they can harm your eyes if you look directly at them. In fact, almost all vehicles manufactured today use LED lamps in their headlights.

LED lamps are now being widely sold for domestic use. They are very appealing because they are so economical to use. They use just a tiny fraction of the energy of an incandescent bulb and even beat out fluorescent tubes for both energy efficiency and lifespan. However, they also have many of the same problems as fluorescent lights. The bulbs are often built with their own tiny diffuser, but the light they give off is still often harsh to look at. Decorative diffuser panels can improve the light in a room and bring interest to your home decor. And Octo Lights decorative diffuser panels are environmentally friendly. We use only water-based inks, and we recycle all of our extra material.

There is no need for your ceiling to be boring, illuminated by the glaring light of LED or fluorescent lamps. Instead, it can become a wonderland of real galaxies and star systems, inspiring waterfalls, blue skies, or even your own custom image. The choice is yours with the Octo Lights range of decorative fluorescent light covers.