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Using Fluorescent Light Panels and Cloud Light Covers

Using Fluorescent Light Panels and Cloud Light Covers

21st Apr 2019

Decorative fluorescent light panels can add a unique appeal to any room in your home. Fluorescent light panels such as cloud light covers, for example, can brighten up even the dullest apartment ceilings. Many people are lost when it comes to decorating their ceiling or overlook it entirely. Usually, people tend to paint ceilings white or some other bland color. But here are some ideas to help you make an impression on your visitors with your artistic flair.

Fluorescent Light Panels

Bare fluorescent tubes tend to be garish and bright. In fact, fluorescent tubes and LED lighting systems are known to be the most glaring lights commonly used in homes. You may not notice just how bad the lights are because most fluorescent and LED lights are fitted with a diffuser panel. These panels diffuse the light—meaning that they spread it more evenly in your room—to help reduce the glare of bare fluorescent or LED lamps.

However, due to the intensity and spectrum of the light source behind these panels, the lighting still tends to be hard on the eyes. This is where decorative fluorescent light panels can help. They offer you the opportunity to change the entire appearance of your room. At the same time, they filter the light from the fluorescent or LED light source, making it easier on the eyes and less stress-inducing.

The Octo Lights decorative fluorescent light covers let through plenty of light. But even as they let the light through, they filter out much of the harsh blue light that hurts your eyes. Octo Lights also offers you many designs. In addition to cloud light panels, we also offer astronomy covers, waterfalls, flowers, ocean scenes, or even a beautiful sunset glowing down on you each time you look at to your ceiling.

Cloud Light Covers

Just like our other decorative fluorescent light panels, our cloud light covers come standard as 4 ft x 2 ft. However, we also offer other sizes to match your needs, and we will even cut your panels to a custom size. The covers themselves are thick transparent films that have been printed with photographs of real clouds. When they are backlit by fluorescent or LED lights, they look just as though you are looking up through a skylight. The bright blue sky and fluffy white clouds look extremely real.

Even people who live in first-floor apartments can enjoy realistic skylights. And the options are far more extensive than just cloud light panels. If you prefer a night sky view, Octop Lights can offer our own in-house photographs of the night sky, as well as gorgeous images produced by the Hubble Space Telescope. We are licensed by NASA to bring you Hubble photographs of distant galaxies, nebulae, and other cosmic wonders.

Impress Your Visitors

Many people prefer to avoid fluorescent lighting systems where they can. If you have fluorescent lights in your home, it is usually in the kitchen or bathroom. However, once our customers see what decorative fluorescent light covers are capable of, they may want to install fluorescent or LED lights in dining rooms, bedrooms, and even living rooms.

As long as you have some kind of transparent diffuser, you can install any decorative light cover you wish. Install a night sky scene in your bedroom. Maybe a waterfall flowing down into your dining room. Or install relaxing undersea views of fish and wildlife for your rec room or living room.

With our decorative fluorescent light panels, your choices are unlimited—we offer custom printing, too. So get creative and install some Cloud Fluorescent Light Covers or other designs today.