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Utilizing Decorative Fluorescent Light Covers For Thanksgiving

Utilizing Decorative Fluorescent Light Covers For Thanksgiving

10th Nov 2017

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and for a large number of American homeowners, that means their homes will soon be filled with family and friends to help celebrate the holiday.

Unfortunately, if you're planning on having your Thanksgiving celebration at your house this year, that means all of the planning, decorating, and (of course) cooking is left to you. For some, this can be a stressful time that requires a lot of self-searching, time, and energy just to muster the courage to carry out the necessary tasks that will lead to a successful Thanksgiving with their family and friends.

While you can surely accomplish your Thanksgiving get-together to-do list by simply shopping for and picking up the necessary food items -- including a turkey, stuffing, cranberries, yams and more -- you may feel lost when it comes to how you're home should look for your Thanksgiving day get-together.

Luckily, with a trip to your local box store, you can find a wide selection of Thanksgiving celebratory decor items, such as wreaths, napkins, wall art, and even decorative pillows and silverware.

However, if you're truly wanting to wow your family and friends this Thanksgiving, you'll need to implement some unique decor methods in your home; and this is easier said than done for most as stores rarely sell items for Thanksgiving that are out-of-the-ordinary or unique in any way.

Thankfully, the decor item you're looking for is found exactly where you are right now; at! Our decorative fluorescent light covers are ideal for celebrating any occasion or holiday, which is why they are perfect for your Thanksgiving get-together this year.

Why Choose Decorative Fluorescent Light Covers For Thanksgiving?

Decorative fluorescent light covers have been growing in popularity over recent years for their unique and effective ability to not only transform any space into a work of art but to also substantially expand a space as well.

Installed directly over any existing fluorescent light fixtures, decorative light covers display a wide range of images that can effectively depict any mood or theme for whatever space you're wanting to instantly upgrade aesthetically. Beyond every room in your home or office, fluorescent light covers are also ideal for enhancing additional spaces such as hospitals, dental offices, and even classrooms and schools.

For example, astronomy teachers can opt to install our astronomy light covers -- which display numerous star systems and galaxies -- to give their students a boost in decor (increasing productivity) while also remaining relevant to the class' subject matter, which can help students during the learning process.

What's more? Because light covers diffuse the harsh light emitted by standard fluorescent light fixtures -- which can lead to eye strain, migraine headaches, and a decrease in productivity -- they are perfect for areas that are dedicated to getting work done such as business or home offices.

Now that you're aware of the capabilities of fluorescent light covers, let's explore their best uses when it comes to enhancing your Thanksgiving day celebration this year.

Decorative Fluorescent Light Covers That Showcase Your Family

Some of the best moments that involve your whole family -- from your distant relatives down to your immediate family -- stem from the Thanksgiving holiday, when sitting around the dining room table, sharing stories, moments, and small talk.

If you want to commemorate these moments in a special way, you can create custom decorative fluorescent light covers using photographs of past Thanksgiving celebrations. Not only will this tie in perfectly with the theme of Thanksgiving, but it will also be appreciated by your entire family when they catch a glimpse of these unique light covers on your walls or ceiling.

You can even use photographs from other events such as a recent family vacation, road trip, wedding, or another occasion. The possibilities are endless with custom decorative fluorescent light covers.

Decorative Fluorescent Light Covers That Display Thanksgiving Fun

Beyond using custom decorative fluorescent light covers to showcase photographs of your family and friends, you can also create light covers that display standard Thanksgiving imagery.

For example, you can create custom fluorescent light covers using images of adorable turkeys or pilgrims, or you can create light covers using images of delicious food items typically served on Thanksgiving such as stuffing, turkey legs, yams and more!

Decorative Fluorescent Light Covers That Showcase Your Love Of Football

While Thanksgiving is mainly about enjoying time with your family and friends -- creating memories while enjoying a full-course meal and giving thanks for all of life's blessings -- there is also another hallmark of the holiday for most Americans: the beginning of football season.

Most Thanksgiving get-togethers act as a dual celebration for the beginning of football season, while your family gathers around the TV to watch the slew of games from around the National Football League.

This gives you a great opportunity to utilize custom decorative fluorescent light covers to help showcase your love of football. You can create custom light covers using images of your favorite NFL players and teams, including individual players -- such as Andrew Luck or Aaron Rogers -- or team logos. These light covers can be installed on your living room walls or ceiling and can be coupled with additional football decor to create a cohesive theme this Thanksgiving.

Additional Light Cover Themes For Helping You Celebrate Thanksgiving

If you're not a fan of creating light covers that can only be used during the month of November, you may feel the need to use some of our fall-themed light covers instead.

One of the best type of light covers to use to help you showcase your love of the fall season -- while also staying relevant during your Thanksgiving celebration -- is our tree light covers. These light covers display gorgeous trees during the fall season, with beautiful fall-colored leaves.

You can also create custom fluorescent light covers that display other fall imagery, such as photographs of pumpkins, corn, scarecrows or a cornucopia filled with fresh fall fruit. These images will help you celebrate Thanksgiving, however, you can keep these light covers installed during the entire season; providing more value.

Finding Decorative Fluorescent Light Covers Online

Now that you know what decorative fluorescent light covers can do when it comes to helping you enhance your Thanksgiving day celebration, it's time to order your own. While there are a few sources of decorative light covers online, none can compare -- in terms of quality and affordability -- to Octo Lights!

At Octo Lights, we've been a world leader in quality decorative fluorescent light covers for many years and take pride in giving our customers the widest and most creative selection of ready-made light covers. Some of our most popular light covers include astronomy, cloud, tree, waterfall, flower, beach, and ocean themed light covers.

The best part of providing such a wide array of ready-made light covers is the fact that almost anyone can find the theme they're looking for in order to enhance the look and feel of any room. This means everyone from a dentist to a homeowner can find a light cover ideal for them and their space.

Eco-Friendly Decorative Fluorescent Light Covers From Octo Lights

One of the greatest reasons to choose Octo Lights for your fluorescent light covers is the fact that our company is dedicated to protecting the earth.

We practice this dedication of eco-friendliness by opting to use only UV-resistant water-based inks to produce all of our products; lessening our impact on the planet and helping to avoid contributing to the threat of global deterioration.

By taking these necessary steps to significantly lessen our footprint on the planet, Octo Lights has cemented itself as the only eco-friendly fluorescent light cover company on the market, which is one of the reasons why we're so renowned.

The Quickest & Easiest Process For Creating Custom Fluorescent Light Covers

While Octo Lights does have the widest selection of ready-made fluorescent light covers, sometimes, you may feel the need to showcase your creativity or personal moments, which simply can't be achieved with ready-made themes.

Luckily, if this is the case, you have the option of creating light covers using any image(s) of your choosing with Octo Lights.

What's more? Our process for creating light covers is fast and easy; you start by choosing your image (based on our requirements), before uploading your image to our website and waiting for a link to be able to purchase your order. It's that easy!

Easy To Install Decorative Fluorescent Light Covers

Beyond having the most eclectic collection of ready-made light covers, and giving you the option to create your own, another reason to choose Octo Lights over our competitors is the fact that our light covers are extremely simple to install.

In just 4 quick steps your decorative fluorescent light covers will be ready to enhance any room in your home or office. When your light cover arrives, you begin installation by opening the tabs in order to unlock the frame, which may require a screwdriver.

Once you've finished this step, the next step is to gently lower the frame, which is connected to the opposite side and will swing downward. After this, you simply place the decorative fluorescent light cover (image side down) on top of the light diffuser. Once the light cover is flat you finish your light cover installation by raising the frame and locking the tabs.

Now that you're aware of the best benefits of choosing Octo Lights for your decorative fluorescent light covers it's time to browse our website and choose the best light covers for your needs.

If you have questions about any of our decorative fluorescent light covers, contact Octo Lights today, or click here to see what some of our past customers have to say about their experience with Octo Lights.