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Utilizing Decorative Light Covers For Special Occasions

Utilizing Decorative Light Covers For Special Occasions

27th Dec 2016

When it comes to special occasions, you should always pull out all of the stops to ensure everyone involved has the best time possible. This is especially true for the person in charge of orchestrating the occasion, which can be a very rewarding, yet stressful position to be in.

Whether it be a bat mitzvah, wedding/baby shower, birthday party or just a simple celebration, you’ll need a wide range of decor and other items in order to successfully pull off the correct theme and feel to enhance the experience of the guests in attendance. This means everything from food, party favors and, of course, decor.

While the traditional decor for special occasions -- typically found at a party or specialty store -- is certainly well enough on its own when it comes to providing an appropriate setting, if you crave a more unique and innovative way to enhance the look and feel of whatever occasion you’re celebrating then you’ll need to think outside of the box.

This begins with combining the traditional decor with something a bit more personalized and eye-catching, such as innovative fluorescent light covers.

What are Fluorescent Light Covers?

Known as an innovation in decorative lighting, fluorescent light covers are designed to fit over any existing fluorescent light fixtures -- in your home, office or business -- and display specific images to pull of an amazing effect and transform any room into a work of art.

At Octo Lights, we provide our customers with a wide selection of easy-to-install fluorescent light covers with a variety of different images. For example, by installing our waterfall light covers on the walls of your bathroom, you’ll be creating a faux window with a view of a visually stunning setting.

Now that you’re familiar with what light covers are (and what they can do) let’s explore why they’re the perfect element for any special occasion:

Enhancing a Birthday Party With Decorative Light Covers

No matter what age you are, no day could be more special, or more your own, than the day you were born. When it comes to a birthday party, creating the most personalized environment, wherever the party should take place, is imperative to making it a success.

This is where our custom light covers come in, as you can experiment with limitless options for decorative lighting. For example, if the birthday party is for an adult, you can create light covers that display images of important moments in that person’s life as well as photo’s from when they were younger to serve as a unique memento that also provides an opportunity for the birthday boy or girl to reminisce with both their friends and loved ones on old times.

The same works for a child’s birthday party. You could even create light covers that depict characters from their favorite TV shows and movies to personalize the room even more.

Enhancing a Wedding Shower With Decorative Light Covers

On your big day, everything -- from the rehearsal to the reception -- is expected to go off without a hitch. Why should your wedding shower be any different? For the one responsible for planning the shower itself, you should keep the bride’s theme in mind.

This means, if the bride has chosen a laid-back beach theme -- with coral floral arrangements and bridesmaid dresses -- then their shower should reflect the same. This can be accomplished by setting whatever room the shower is taking place in up with classy tropical napkins, cutlery and food items. To go the extra mile, you could opt for beach light covers on the ceiling, which depict vibrant fish and other aquatic life (such as sharks and dolphins) to drive the theme home further.

Enhancing a Baby Shower With Decorative Light Covers

As for a baby shower, the mother-to-be should be enthralled with decor that could either be based around the sex of her baby (blue decor for a boy, pink for a girl) or -- if she’s opted for the sex to be a surprise -- her decor could be a more general theme to fit her personal style and interests.

You can try light covers to enhance the baby shower as well. For instance, if the mommy-to-be has an infatuation with nature, you could have the walls of the room installed with tree light covers, which showcase dozens of gorgeous trees to create a soothing and calming atmosphere; which is perfect for the stressful life of a pregnant mom.

Enhancing an Anniversary Party With Decorative Light Covers

An anniversary is a wonderful event to celebrate. What could be more sacred than the celebration of two people still happily in love and wanting to commemorate their wedding day?

An occasion such as this typically only calls for immediate family and a few friends, meaning a more intimate event, and the decor should reflect this. You could plan the evening with food items that the couple had served at their wedding, their favorite music and tons of mementos that showcase their relationship throughout the years.

This is why our custom light covers are ideal for anniversary parties as, similar to a birthday, you could create light covers that display photographs from the couple’s life together; including vacations, their first kiss, and (of course) plenty of photos from their wedding night.

About Octo Lights

Octo Lights is your premier supplier of quality light covers. Our light covers are not only the most affordable and eco-friendly (all of our products use water-based inks) on the market, but we also give you the most options with an array of different themes to fit any personal style or taste.

Visit our website today to learn more about our light covers as well as shop for them!

We hope you’re enjoying our blog! Check out our wide selection of easy-to-install decorative light covers or create your own to transform any room in your home, business or office into a work of art. With the holiday season on its way, we provide some of the most unique gift-giving ideas you’ll find this year!