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Turning what would otherwise be an ordinary office into a unique and inspiring space can be as simple as adding custom fluorescent light panels. Office workers and business owners can gain substantially from all that this type of unique fluorescent light diffuser has to offer. In fact, going far beyond aesthetic appeal, decorative fluorescent light covers also offer real functional value. For example, this type of lighting fixture is known to red… Read more
Are astronomy light covers and the meaning of life? Humans have been looking to the stars for thousands of years to understand the world we live in. This is nothing new, and the night sky has been the inspiration for a wide variety of art right up through today’s modern world. One unique way to take full advantage of the beauty and elegance of the cosmos is to consider adding astronomy light covers to a residential or commercial space. These ligh… Read more
Have you ever considered using decorative light panels in your bedroom? Most people give little thought to their bedroom lighting, other than maybe wishing that they could control it from their bed! People spend a great deal of time and money on bedroom decor and furniture to adorn their personal sanctuary. But they just accept the plain old white light in their room. Sure, you can dress it up in a fancy light shade, or even add a colored lamp or… Read more
Modern homeowners and business owners alike are always in search of unique and innovative ways of creating attractive interior lighting. While ordinary lighting does very little for an interior spaces, transformative fluorescent light covers create one of the most remarkable types of lighting imaginable. In fact, fluorescent light filters or sky & cloud panels as they are sometimes called can take an interior space to a totally new level of perfe… Read more