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Decorative Light Panels Let You Sleep with the Stars

Decorative Light Panels Let You Sleep with the Stars

30th Apr 2019

Have you ever considered using decorative light panels in your bedroom? Most people give little thought to their bedroom lighting, other than maybe wishing that they could control it from their bed! People spend a great deal of time and money on bedroom decor and furniture to adorn their personal sanctuary. But they just accept the plain old white light in their room. Sure, you can dress it up in a fancy light shade, or even add a colored lamp or two. But what do you really see when you lie in bed and stare up at the ceiling? If you don’t have decorative light panels, the answer is probably nothing worth getting excited over.

Don’t just look up at a lamp or two hanging from the ceiling. You could do something completely different, something that few others might have thought about. You could sleep with the stars!

Viewing the Stars from Your Bed

Some might cover their ceiling in wallpaper printed with stars and moons. But why not have the real thing? Decorative light panels can be used to provide you with a wide range of backlit scenes on your ceiling. Sure, you would need to install fluorescent or LED lighting first and hide them behind diffuser panels, but that's neither difficult nor too expensive to do.

If you wanted to do the job properly, you could slightly drop the ceiling - just a few inches - and level it off to the bottom level of the fluorescent diffuser panels as you see in most offices these days.  Again, that is not prohibitively expensive, and it looks really good! But the next step is where the magic happens.

Select your favorite astronomy fluorescent light covers from our catalog and simply lay them on top of your existing diffuser panels. Then switch on the bedroom lights and be astounded! You have suddenly have a magnificent view of the heavens shining down of you from your bedroom ceiling. These light are also so soothing that you will find it much easier to get to sleep at night. Some people like them so much that they put the switch on a timer so that the lights switch off after they fall asleep.

Pick Your Night Sky

You can use any of our wide selection of different astronomy designs. Every single one is a genuine photograph. You can have views of the night sky, with its twinkling stars, smoky nebulae or an exploding supernova. We even create decorative light panels with photographs of deep space and distant galaxies taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. All images are original photos licensed by NASA. You won't find these on many bedroom ceilings!

Do yourself a favor. Refuse to be satisfied with any old bedroom ceiling. Dress it up with Astronomy Fluorescent Light Covers and diffuser panels. Then attach our backlit photographic decorative light panels to the diffuser panels. Lie back and enjoy the view until you eventually fall asleep with the stars!