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Personalizing a room or office with custom fluorescent light covers allows you to incorporate your sense of style into any living space. It can be an incredible way to showcase your interests to friends and family.However, with most decorative lighting companies, your options for custom fluorescent lighting are limited. Some won't even allow more than 1 or 2 custom light cover designs per order. That's is likely a ploy to get you to purchase thei… Read more
Interior designers and others who specialize in creating custom interior spaces understand the importance of light. Getting the lighting aspect of interior design right is critical to successful decorating. One of the best ways to enhance any interior space is to make use of unique decorative fluorescent light covers. These covers are spectacular because they look good and improve visual appeal. They also soften the ambient lighting. So they can… Read more
Modern homeowners and business owners alike are always in search of unique and innovative ways of creating attractive interior lighting. While ordinary lighting does very little for an interior spaces, transformative fluorescent light covers create one of the most remarkable types of lighting imaginable. In fact, fluorescent light filters or sky & cloud panels as they are sometimes called can take an interior space to a totally new level of perfe… Read more