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Decorative Sky & Cloud Panels For Spectacular Bedroom Ceilings

Decorative Sky & Cloud Panels For Spectacular Bedroom Ceilings

9th Aug 2016

Decorative sky & cloud panels can be used to create spectacular bedroom ceilings. Why not create a bedroom with a difference by installing fluorescent lighting fitted with transparent or translucent light covers printed with an amazing design or image of your choice? There is only one reason why you cannot do this, but those who do very rarely regret it.

That one reason is the form of most bedroom lighting. Bedrooms very rarely come with fluorescent lighting. However, if you are renovating then why not add a few fluorescent lighting panels to your ceiling. Fluorescent lighting normally comes with diffusers, to reduce the glare and diffuse the light more evenly in your room - in this case your bedroom.

Frosted Glass to Spectacular Scenery

Normally these panels would be in the form of frosted glass or some form of plastic, often acrylic. All you do to create a fantastic bedroom would be to drop the diffuser panels then slip in a printed decorative polyester on top. The light then passes through the printed sheet, then though the panel to produce an amazing optical effect.

You can use any of the multitude of designs we have to offer or send us in your own for us to print onto the polyester backing sheet for you. We can print any design or photograph you send use in digital format. You can lie in bed and look up at snow-capped mountains, a peaceful-looking beach or sea view or even a sky panel: a backlit photograph of the night sky or an image of a nebula or galaxy taken from the Hubble telescope.

Decorative Sky & Cloud Panels

Decorative Sky & cloud panels are available in standard sizes to fit over standard fluorescent light diffuser panels. They are very easy to fit, and come with full fitting instructions. They are cut to fit the standard 2′ x 4′ , 2′ x 2′ , and 1′ x 4′ fluorescent light fixtures, although we can make them to any size you prefer. If close to the above sizes, we often do not charge an extra cost for custom sizes.

Decorative sky & cloud panels come in a huge range of designs and scenes in addition to those above. You can provide us with photographs or images you would like on your ceiling or you can choose from one of our standards. We have a load of night scenes, astronomy, natural scenes including trees, flowers and animals and also cartoon characters your kids will love.

In fact, the only thing that will restrict the view you can see on your ceiling is your imagination. You can cover your entire ceiling or just use two or three panels to break up the monotony of a normal ceiling. So what’s available? Here is just a small selection of the available light lenses Octolights have to offer.

Available Decorative Light Covers

If you want to relax gazing up at scenes of the sky, then one of our sky & cloud panels will suit you. We can offer:

Daylight Sky & Cloud Panels: Scenes with fluffy white clouds in a beautiful blue summer sky. These are bright enough to light up your bedroom while enabling to read under a blue sky at night, or wake up to a beautiful sunny summer day, even it is raining outside!

Sunset Scenes: How amazing it would be to lie in bed gazing at a beautiful sunset. You could almost be outside enjoying this wonderful scene - or even a sunrise. One idea is to use both: a set of sunset lights that is switched on at night, and a second circuit with scenes of a fabulous sunrise. Each would be on a different switch so you can turn either or both at once!

Night Sky Views: Our night sky & cloud panels display wonderful scenes of the sky at night, with stars and constellations right above your head. If you prefer, you can also display galaxies or even nebulae - scenes of exploding stars right above your head.

The choice is yours. You can have any scene you want and they are very easy to install. That means the decorative sky & cloud panels are easy to change around, so you can change them whenever you want. Simply slide out one printed sheet and slip in another and suddenly your ceiling takes on a whole new look. There is no limit but your own imagination!

To learn more and see our sky & cloud light covers for bedrooms, start at the Octo Lights home page.