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Decorate Your Walls With Fluorescent Light Covers

Decorate Your Walls With Fluorescent Light Covers

14th Jul 2016

Fluorescent light covers can be used to decorate not only your ceilings, but also your walls. Think about it: walls and ceilings are both flat surfaces, both can be fitted with fluorescent lights and panels, so both can be fitted with decorative fluorescent light panels such as sky & cloud panels.

However, it’s unlikely you would want a sky panel on your wall - that is far more appropriate for your ceiling where a lifelike representation of a beautiful blue sky with white clouds would be more natural. Your walls would look better with something like a beautiful peaceful beach scene, some lovely flowers or even a magnificent waterfall that made you duck ever time entered the room.

You think that’s a fantasy? Why? All you need do is get your electrician to install some fluorescent or LED lighting along a wall along with diffuser panels and you can do the rest. Here at Octo Lights, we can provide you with our standard 2 x 4 ft fluorescent light covers that you can easily fit over the decorative light panels, or 1 x 4 or 2 x 2 if you prefer. Job done and a wonderful wall is there for people to admire – and for you to duck! Continue reading for innovative home wall decor ideas.

Personal Decorative Fluorescent Light Panels

If you prefer more personal decorative fluorescent light panels, you could send us some photographs of your children as they grow up. Start with the baby, and at stage of his or her development you can add another fluorescent or LED light with its own diffuser panel and send us another photograph to print onto another fluorescent light cover. Carry on with this and you will have a unique history of your family as each member ages. Not just that, but they are up there on your walls in beautiful rich backlit colors.

Alternatively, use photos taken during each annual holiday or choose some other themes to be converted into custom fluorescent light covers. This is about as unique a form of wall décor as you can get! Your visitors will be full of admiration at your genius and you might even be persuaded to do the same on other walls and in other rooms. You really have to see this effect to appreciate its amazing looks.

Fluorescent Light Covers With Family Photographs

Another idea is to have your family photographs printed onto fluorescent light covers and used as decorative fluorescent light panels for your walls. Choose those that will use backlighting to its greatest advantage and could have a full history of your family’s vacations, adventures and other memorable times in your life displayed on your wall in a unique way.

You can likely think of many other ways to use backlit images or even drawings to their best advantage on your walls and ceilings. You can have your custom decorative fluorescent light panels printed by sending us a digital file of each photo in any of .jpg, ai, .eps, .tif, or .psd formats.

State the size of panel you would prefer:   2 x 4, 1 x 4 or 2 x 2 - all in feet. If you prefer a different size for custom light covers let us know. We will provide full fitting instructions when we deliver your panels.

Wall Fluorescent Light Covers: Summary

Fluorescent light covers offer an amazing and unique way of decorating your walls. You can create your own decorative fluorescent light panels using your own photographs which Octo Lights will print onto the light covers of your choice. Simply send us your images as a digital file, give us your preferred dimensions and we will send them to you as soon as they have been printed.