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Combat Dentist Phobia With Decorative Light Covers For Dentist Offices

Combat Dentist Phobia With Decorative Light Covers For Dentist Offices

17th Jan 2017

It goes without being said, but for the majority of people -- both young and old -- making an appointment to the dentist is well… like pulling teeth (pun intended). But why?

The phenomenon known as dentist phobia can be attributed to the fear of pain, similar to the trepidation we feel before visiting any medical-related office for a procedure, whether it be a simple flu shot or full-on orthodontist procedure. Sadly, this phobia leads many to simply avoid making a dental appointment at all costs, even when they clearly need a dental procedure performed to restore the health of their teeth.

After all, our teeth are one of the most important areas of our bodies to maintain and ensure are fully taken care of, as not doing so can lead to many health complications down the road such as tooth rot, tooth loss and even more serious diseases like oral cancer.

This is why -- on top of performing the best dental care possible -- a good dentist should take every measure necessary to ensure their patients feel comfortable and relaxed while visiting their office. It’s an unfortunate reality, but most dental offices lack in visually stimulating decor as well as the proper lighting; the typical office will usually have harsh fluorescent lights that not only hurts the patient’s eyes but fails in making them feel more relaxed.

But, what if there was a way to create a more calming atmosphere for patients while, at the same time, increasing the visual appeal of your dental office overall? What if this method didn’t require you to empty the bank? Does this option even exist? Well, yes it does; and it’s called decorative fluorescent light covers.

How Decorative Light Covers Work

Decorative light panels transform any room into a work of art. How? Consisting primarily of a light diffusing panel, our light covers are installed over existing fluorescent light fixtures and display a wide array of images to create an amazing effect.

For instance, by installing cloud light covers in a windowless room, you get the same effect that would be provided by real skylights without the steep cost or hassle. Not only do fluorescent light covers upgrade any room’s visual appeal, but they also can make a room appear more spacious, giving them a significant amount of value to a home or office space.

Now that you know how decorative light covers work, in order to figure out their potential in a dental office, let’s explore the best ways to use them in a dental office setting.

Decorative Light Covers in a Dental Office Waiting Room

Arguably the most important aspect of a dental office (or any medical office for that matter), at least when it comes to visual impact, is the waiting room area. This is because this is the space the patient and their loved ones will be greeted with first, so it’s important to ensure this space embodies the comforting atmosphere that your patients will be looking for as soon as they walk in the door.

In order to achieve this, you can utilize our tree light covers, and install them on your waiting room walls and ceiling. Images of nature are notorious for calming the mind, which means you will be ensuring your patients are instantly relaxed by installing these light covers, which depict vibrant plant life and trees.

You can even get more creative by combining multiple tree light covers to create a gorgeous faux window on your waiting room wall, which is an ideal option for waiting rooms that have little to no natural lighting.

Fluorescent Light Covers in a Dental Procedure Room

As for the rooms where you actually perform the dental procedure on your patients -- including teeth cleanings, cavity fillings and root canals -- you should be placing an even bigger emphasis on comfort and relaxation than you did in your waiting rooms. Why?

It’s simple: these are the rooms where a patient’s fear of getting a procedure done (and the pain it might cause) -- or their dental phobia -- will be at its highest. Thus, in addition speaking to them in a calm manner, your dental procedure room’s decor should effectively reflect the same relaxing atmosphere in order to ensure the patient is given everything necessary to feel more comfortable. Not only is this beneficial for the patient, but it also significantly aids the dentist, because a calm patient will be more relaxed and will allow you to perform a procedure without any possible mistakes or interruptions.

You can successfully achieve a relaxing atmosphere within your dental procedure rooms by opting for simple decor, or you can choose the more affordable and effective route and install decorative light covers on your walls and ceiling.

At Octo Lights, we recommend light covers that display images of clouds, waterfalls, or even vibrant fish from the ocean, as (similar to your waiting room) these will provide the imagery necessary for effectively calming a patient’s mind.

Using Custom Light Covers

If your ultimate goal is to display important and pertinent dental information -- such as a diagram that effectively display the inner workings and functions of a tooth -- in a unique way, then you should certainly consider installing custom light covers throughout your dentist office.

No company offers an easier process when it comes to creating custom light covers than Octo Lights. Our user-friendly website makes conjuring up your own light covers a quick and simple process;  all you have to do is choose an image based on our image requirements, upload your custom image to our website and then await a link in order to purchase your order.

We hope you’re enjoying our blog! Check out our wide selection of easy-to-install decorative light covers or create your own to transform any room in your home, business or office into a work of art. We provide some of the most unique gift-giving ideas for any special occasion, including birthdays, anniversaries and more!