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Decorative Light Covers For Kindergarten and Schools

Decorative Light Covers For Kindergarten and Schools

20th Jul 2016

Decorative light covers are ideal for kindergartens and schools because of the various uses they have. Also known as fluorescent light covers and decorative ceiling panels, they prevent the harsh LED and fluorescent light from harming the eyes of young children day after day, month after month.

It has been demonstrated that young children react badly to harsh light sources, and so too can older children in high school if they suffer from certain medical issues such as those subject to migraines or photosensitive epilepsy (PSE) that can be triggered by rapidly flashing fluorescent tubes.

A softer, uniform, flicker-free light is better all round for all educational establishments, but particularly at kindergarten and junior school levels. This is what fluorescent light covers can provide. That said, if they are being used why not use decorative light covers.

Here are some other advantages of fitting fluorescent light sources with fluorescent light lenses or decorative light covers in kindergartens and schools.

Using Sky & Cloud Panels for Educational Purposes

Sky & cloud panels is the name given to decorative light covers that are printed with images of blue skies, starry skies clearly showing the constellations and skies displaying a variety of cloud types. When backlit by fluorescent light tubes these displays are shown very clearly in an amazing show that can be used for educational purposes.

They can be used to teach young children what the various types of cloud look like - cirrus, cumulus, stratus and so on. Night scenes can be used to teach children about constellations and galaxies. Genuine photographs can be printed as custom panels and may also be used for educational purpose

Apart from educational use, such images can also be used to calm excitable children. They are extremely useful if there are any children in class who are susceptible to flickering or flashing lights, or even just to the unmitigated brightness of fluorescent tubes. The level of lighting can be controlled by the teachers, and multiple images can be used rather than just the one image for all the 24 inch x 12 inch panels.

Decorative Light Covers For Kindergartens

In addition to the above benefits, decorative light covers can be used in kindergartens to keep the children quiet and interested. The panels can be custom decorated with fairy tale characters to be used as the backdrop for stories. Don’t forget the learning abilities of very young children either - they, too, would benefit from learning about the moon, stars and constellations. Astronomy is a subject that can enthrall kids of all ages - not just adults!

Very young children will be very excited to look up and see some of their favorite characters and animals such as owls, woodpeckers, chickens, Bambi and lambs. Since individual panels cost only $29.99 at most, you can mix and match and present the kids with a variety of images. You can even have your own - or their own - photographs printed onto light covers for the kindergarten. The children will love to look and see their own pets displayed as part of the lighting.

Fluorescent Light Cover Options

There are many other standard images in our fluorescent light cover range that children will enjoy; beach scenes, waterfalls, numerous animals, a large range of sky & cloud panels and views of lakes and mountains are all part of our standard range of images. We can offer a wide range of decorative light covers for kindergartens and schools - and you can also use these very same images in your home and your own nursery.

Call us on (678) 383-9145 or use our Contact Form for more information or details of our amazing range of decorative light covers.