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Decorative Sky & Cloud Panels Or Some Other Form Of Light Panels?

Decorative Sky & Cloud Panels Or Some Other Form Of Light Panels?

31st Aug 2016

Should you install decorative sky & cloud panels or some other form of decorative light covers in your home? This first question that must be asked when seeing that is question is why choose? Why must you have sky & cloud panels or some other natural scene when you could have both? There are ways of doing this. For example:

You can install sky & cloud panels on one ceiling in your home and another ceiling effect in another. You can also use sky & cloud panels and decorative light covers on the same ceiling. Half sky panel and half ocean scenes and flowers. You can put the two types of decorative light panel on different electrical circuits so you have one or the other shining down on you. This form of ceiling décor loos fabulous once installed.

Unique Ceiling Décor

In fact, why not use two sets of sky & cloud panels to create beautifully unique ceiling décor. Install a set of day time decorative sky & cloud panels displaying the usual blue sky and fluffy white clouds. Interspersed with these, also install night time sky & cloud panels showing starry skies. Then put them on a switch so you can switch between the whether it is daytime or night.

It may also be possible to use a light measurement cell that automatically switches on the correct set according to the lighting conditions outside. Blue sky & cloud panels in the daytime and starry sky & cloud panels after dusk. It makes sense and is technologically feasible.

Most businesses tend to go for daytime sky & cloud panels for their offices. These panels are very lifelike, and it almost feels as though you were sitting outside working rather in an office. If your office or business premises has LED or fluorescent lighting on the ceiling that is diffused using diffuser panels, then you already have an ideal setup for decorative light panels.

Printed decorative light covers provide a unique elegance to any room or office. This type of ceiling décor can be used in medical and dental surgeries. They are very relaxing and can keep patients entertained while they relax.

How Are Decorative Sky & Cloud Panels Made?

Decorative sky & cloud panels are scenes of the sky photographed and then printed onto the surface of flexible heavy-weight polyester sheets. These sheets are flexible and have a satin or matt finish. This finish reduces glare and provides a more even appearance of the day and night sky.

The printed sheets come in standard sizes that you can select on the order form. These are (all in feet): 2x2, 2x4 and 1x4. There is no extra charge for these.

We can also provide sky & cloud panels to your own dimensions. In many cases we will not charge extra for this service. Simply email your preferred dimensions and we will immediately send you back the price. Sky & cloud panels are available in a range of dimensions, according to the dimensions of your fluorescent or LED light panels.