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Fluorescent Light Covers in School and Kindergarten Decor

Fluorescent Light Covers in School and Kindergarten Decor

16th Jul 2019

Some of our best customers are teachers. It’s no surprise that teachers, especially of younger children, love fluorescent light covers. Fluorescent light covers are ideal for classroom and kindergarten decor because they can have a quadruple purpose. First, they diffuse the harsh light from fluorescent or LED light sources. Second and third, they are both decorative and instructive. Fourth, teachers love the calming effect our popular sky and cloud panels can have on kids. That makes four ways you can easily justify their use in classrooms.

To really understand why fluorescent light covers are so popular with educators, we need to take a closer look. Let's examine each of these four functions as they affect schools, and then how they affect kindergartens in particular.

Fluorescent Light Covers and Light Diffusion

Fluorescent lights have been the standard in schools for decades. They are cheap to install and replace. Fluorescent lights are also economical to run since they use less energy than comparable incandescent bulbs. Recently, some schools are switching to even-more-efficient LED lighting. But both fluorescent and LED light sources can have a negative effect on teachers and students. They are glaring, garish, and can hurt the eyes. Sitting under these lights for a full school day can be tiring and irritating.

Many classrooms also have older-style fluorescent lights that can flicker. The fast flicker is nearly indiscernible. But it can disturb epileptics, people who suffer migraines, or students with sensory issues like ADHD or autism. Fluorescent light covers can reduce the flicker and also the harshness of the light. They are designed to be translucent, so they produce a less harsh light that still offers adequate illumination.

Calming Effect of Sky & Cloud Panels

Another benefit of fluorescent light covers in classroom and kindergarten decor is the calming effect they can have. School children can get very excitable. It’s just a part of being young. But in harsh lighting conditions, students can become agitated in unhealthy ways that affect learning. For many children, sky and cloud panels help reduce this unnatural agitation.

Sky and cloud panels offer views of a sunny day with delicate, fluffy cumulus clouds. The images are taken from real photographs. Each photo is printed onto a light plastic film that fits over standard fluorescent light panels. Teachers have told us that just the illusion of looking up into the outdoor sky can be calming. In a situation like a school or a kindergarten with little natural light, these fluorescent light covers become artificial skylights. And teachers tell us that they are very effective.

With some sky and cloud panels, it is possible to use multiple fluorescent light covers in classroom and kindergarten decor. The panels are printed with matching photographs that combine to form a larger sky scene. Together they offer a broad view of the sky, which can make a room feel much more open, even if it gets no natural light at all. Alternatively, a picture of the night sky can be used. We offer both daytime and nighttime scenes. If you have a unique idea, we even print custom images at no extra charge.

Switching Between Panel Styles

Many classrooms have lights wired to two switches that each control part of the room. The fluorescent light covers can be arranged so that the teacher can switch between day and night. Daylight scenes offer blue skies and clouds, while the nighttime views include stars and constellations. Such views help children to remain calm, particularly those susceptible to effects of bright and harsh fluorescent lights. Switching between scenes can help regulate classroom activities. The teacher has complete control over the lighting and can use both views for behavior regulation and educational purposes.

Instructive Kindergarten and School Decor

Fluorescent lights with scenes of the night sky can be used in both kindergarten and classroom decor. They not only fascinate young children but are also instructive for students of any age. Teachers can point out specific star groups and constellations. Night sky panels can be used to explain to young children what stars really are and how far away they are. This is a good age to introduce kids to astronomy, while they are receptive to new ideas. For older kids, scenes of constellations, galaxies, and nebulae can become part of a science curriculum.

The Decorative Elements of Fluorescent Light Covers

Fluorescent panels for classroom and kindergarten decor are available in many styles. At Octo Lights, we offer much more than just views of the day and night sky. Our fluorescent light covers can show waterfalls so realistic that your first reaction is to duck to avoid all that water. Nature scenes include floral photographs, trees, and beaches. And how would young students like to be greeted a beautiful sunset every time you switched on the lights in a rest area?

Fluorescent light covers in classroom and kindergarten decor have many uses in addition to just being decorative. By taking advantage of the practical applications of sky and cloud panels, it is possible to calm pupils, entertain them, and educate children of all ages.