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Why Fluorescent Light Covers Are Ideal For Medical Offices

Why Fluorescent Light Covers Are Ideal For Medical Offices

30th Nov 2016

While decorative lighting can do wonders for making any room appear more interesting and inviting, it also has value that goes beyond simple visual appeal.

One of the ways decorative lighting can be beneficial besides being visually stunning is by creating a calm environment; making it perfect for patients in a medical office — including hospitals, doctor’s office, dentist waiting rooms etc. — though, there’s one form of decorative lighting that goes above and beyond to create a calming atmosphere while transforming a room into a work of art. Continue reading and discover our medical office lighting solutions.

Discover Fluorescent Light Covers

Fluorescent light covers are an innovation in decorative lighting and provide you with an amazing effect by displaying an image that completely covers existing fluorescent light fixtures; turning otherwise boring, uninteresting lighting into something that can tie a room together.

For example: by installing decorative light covers on your ceiling that display a starry sky, you get the same effect as a real skylight; this same effect works for blue sky and cloud themed decorative light covers as well. The possibilities are endless.

Fluorescent Light Covers For Medical Offices

Now that you have an idea of what decorative light covers are capable of, let’s discuss why they’re more-than-suitable for medical offices.

Let’s say you’re a pediatrician and want to give your young patients an inviting, non-threatening environment in order to make them as calm as possible when they’re visiting the doctor. This can be achieved -- and then some -- with fluorescent light covers.

By combining multiple decorative light covers on the walls of your office themed to fish and marine-life, your office instantly transforms into an underwater room with a view to the surrounding ocean and sea life. You can get even more creative by ordering your own custom light covers to display popular characters from children’s movies and TV.

Finding Fluorescent Light Covers Online

When looking for fluorescent light covers online, you’re bound to come across Octo Lights. The company has been the world leader in quality fluorescent light covers that are affordable, easy to install and eco-friendly (we use UV-resistant water-based ink).

Octo Lights has a fantastic selection of ready-made fluorescent light covers that can fit any room in your home, office or business, but what sets them apart is the fact they allow you to create your own custom light covers to showcase your personal interests. Contact them today to order the best decorative lighting has to offer!

We hope you’re enjoying our blog! Check out our wide selection of incredible decorative light covers or create your own to transform any room in your home to a work of art. With the holiday season on its way, we provide some of the most unique gift-giving ideas you’ll find this year!