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Jazz Up Your Office Ceiling with Decorative Light Covers

Jazz Up Your Office Ceiling with Decorative Light Covers

28th Jul 2016

Decorative light covers can create some amazing effects. If you want to jazz up your office ceiling, then this is the way to go! Many people prefer the old traditional office, lit using fluorescent lighting behind frosted panels and all subdued and plain. If that’s what they want, then that’s OK - but is that what you want?

Imagine your clients walking into your office and being struck by a full view of a blue sky with fluffy clouds looking as natural as can be! Or maybe they look up and see a beautifully backlit starry sky, or even fantastic photos of nebulae, galaxies, comets and fantasy starscapes! The possibilities are restricted only by the breadth of your imagination - and even then you can go further by using ours!

These effects are achieved by printing transparent lightfast inks onto transparent film that can then be fitted over your existing light diffusers. The result is breathtaking, and many progressive firms that want to make a lasting impression on clients and visitors are taking this route!

First Impressions Count in Business

First impressions count in business! That is a fact, no matter what type of business you are involved in. Impress prospective clients immediately, and you have a running start at securing an order. We have used the outer space theme as an example because many people are enthralled by space. Fans of the new Stars Wars movies and even Trekkies will be impressed with visions of the Crab Nebula, flat circular galaxies far, far away and distant planets and moons.

Maybe you prefer something more traditional - perhaps display your main products on your ceiling? If views of clouds, space, mountains or beautiful untouched beaches don’t impress you then here at Octo Lights, we can take your own photographs and create a fabulous backlit ceiling using them. Imagine sitting in your office and a client asks you what you specialize in. You simply say “Look above you!” They will be amazed.

However, it’s not the amazement that will get you the order, it is that prospective clients or customers will recognize your ingenuity, your imagination and ability to make it work for you. That’s what gives clients confidence in your ability to meet their needs.

Get People Talking - Buzz Marketing

As many know, buzz marketing can be very effective. If you can get people talking about your business then it becomes a byword for your product - or even synonymous with it such as ‘Hoover’ has become synonymous with vacuum cleaner (and Dyson is not far behind!) If you can get people talking about your amazing ceilings then these ceilings can become your own mavens - you hardly need humans to spread the word!

If you think that this is all pie in the sky and wishful thinking why not try it and see? It won’t cost you much at $22.99 - $29.99 for each panel. Our adhesive panels are suitable for standard 4ft x 2ft light diffusers. Because they come in the form of printed transparent film, they look fabulous when the lights are switched on. You can easily believe you are gazing up into a fabulous starry night or a beautiful sunny day.

Switch From Day to Night

Why not have an even more astounding ceiling, and switch from day to night to day as time passes? You can have every second panel in one design and the others in a different one. So can switch day to night scenes shining down into your office - or even your home, surgery or anywhere else you have fluorescent lighting. All you need is two circuits with their own timed switches, and two sets of fluorescent decorative light cover designs

If your current lighting is in the form of only the bare tubes, it is easy to have a box made to cover them, and for you to stick on the decorative fluorescent light covers. You can then check out our website for an amazing choice of decorative light covers to match your products, your décor or even your mood.

Upgrade your office ceiling with decorative light covers today!

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