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LED Light Panels to Soften Harsh LED Light Diffusers

23rd Aug 2013

LED light panels can be used to soften the harsh light emitted by LED lights, even those fitted with diffusers.  Both fluorescent and LED lighting systems emit a bight but harsh form of lighting. Because of this, they are frequently enclosed and fitted with diffuser panels. While LED light diffusers do reduce the harshness of the light source, they can still be uncomfortable to look at. Decorative LED light diffuser panels not only reduce the glare and harshness of this form of modern lighting, but also provide a way of decorating your ceiling. They can be used in offices, hospitals, schools and in your home to decorate and soften LED and fluorescent light sources.   Why is LED Light Harsh? LED light contains more blue in it than the warm light associated with incandescent tungsten filament lamps. This is because of the way the light is generated. Daylight consists of a mixture of all the colors in the rainbow: the visible light spectrum. LED light contains more blue than either daylight or the light created by a glowing tungsten filament. It operates at a higher correlated color temperature: the higher this figure, the more the components from the blue-violet end of the spectrum; lower temperatures contain light towards the red-yellow end of the visible spectrum.  Work is currently being carried out on phosphors to produce LED light that is lower in correlated color temperature, although it will be some time before this is suitable for use in domestic and commercial lighting systems.   LED Light Panels and Backlit Images This bluish white LED light is harsher on the human eye than a yellowish white, and has to be softened using a diffuser. Even then, however, the spectrum itself is not changed, and light is still harsh to the eyes. The LED light panels offered by OCTO Lights filter this light and render it more pleasing to the eye, while at the same time offering the potential to add backlit decorative images to the covers. The most popular light covers began as sky & cloud panels, showing images of white clouds in a blue sky.  Images of the night sky were then introduced, offering a more mute form of lighting that is popular with many people and organizations including hospitals. Here at OCTO lights, we can transfer any photographic image to our LED light panels, both to reduce the glare and harshness of the light and to offer a unique decorative element to your ceiling. One of the benefits of decorative LED light covers is that they are not restricted to only this light source.  They can also be used with fluorescent lights and any other form of lighting that can be used to backlight our images and make them glow. The benefit of decorative LED light panels is twofold: they offer a unique form of ceiling decor, but even more importantly, they reduce strain on the eyes from a harsh source of space lighting in the home and office.  This contributes to more efficient work and reduces stress, particularly in young children.