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Decorative Fluorescent light covers and LED light panels can be used as a form of calming lighting for surgeries. Before and after surgeries, people may be over-stressed. These can be medical surgeries or even dental surgeries. In any case, a calming influence might be appropriate. So what are we referring to here?Fluorescent and LED lighting is becoming increasingly common in medical and dental surgeries and waiting rooms. It provides bright lig… Read more
Over the last several years, LED lighting has taken the residential and commercial lighting sector by storm. The price of LED bulbs and fixtures has dropped to a level that makes them competitive with the older CFL bulbs they are replacing. But LED bulbs are very different from older bulbs in some significant ways. LEDs, light-emitting diodes, are very small points of light. Multiple diodes are combined in a single bulb to create a standard-sized… Read more
Dental surgery is not on the top of anyone's list of fun activities. In fact, dental work, in general, is a common phobia. So keeping patients calm, relaxed, and distracted during dental procedures if of vital importance. One unique feature of dental procedures is that patients spend most of their time staring up at the ceiling. Also, many dental surgeries are performed with the patient awake, using only local anesthetic or mild sedation. Decorat… Read more
LED light panels can be used to soften the harsh light emitted by LED lights, even those fitted with diffusers.  Both fluorescent and LED lighting systems emit a bight but harsh form of lighting. Because of this, they are frequently enclosed and fitted with diffuser panels. While LED light diffusers do reduce the harshness of the light source, they can still be uncomfortable to look at. Decorative LED light diffuser panels not only reduce the… Read more