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What To Look For In A Quality Fluorescent Light Panel

What To Look For In A Quality Fluorescent Light Panel

12th Apr 2016

From an interior design perspective one of the best ways to enhance a room is to consider the use of fluorescent light panel fixtures. Simply stated, a replacement fluorescent light panel is a panel with a unique or custom image that is used to cover fluorescent light bulbs. Unlike stock plain white fluorescent light diffusers, unique and innovative image-based panels offer an added appeal that would otherwise not be possible in a typical room.

A Quality Fluorescent Light Panel

Light diffuser panels with custom images add interest and intrigue to any room in a residential or commercial capacity. That said, it is important to know what to look for in a quality fluorescent light panel. For example, one important aspect of a quality light panel is that it uses the highest quality megapixel images. Light lens images that make use of professional photography and that are crafted by expert designers will usually produce the best results. Talented and experienced photographers produce stunning images that then result in beautiful light panels.

Heavyweight And Front-Print By Design

In addition, backlit film material must be chosen carefully to ensure the highest level of perfection in beautiful and memorable sky panels. Custom panel fixtures can take a room to an entirely new level of perfection. In most cases, this involves working with material that is heavyweight and front-printed by design. While some companies use inferior lightweight materials, an experienced and dedicated team that routinely works with fluorescent light covers will only use the best material available. This results in excellent pigment and overall dye image related quality. Durable film can be expected to be heavyweight and made of only the highest quality polyester materials available today.

Safe In Terms Of Fire Resistance

The end result is the best product characteristics that result in vibrant colors with high saturation levels. When ceiling light panels are created in this way the quality shines through every time. Equally important is to ensure that the fluorescent light panels that are chosen are tested to be safe in terms of fire resistance. This includes working with materials that are self-extinguishing ensuring that a fire does not propagate. UL certified materials make decorative fluorescent panels perfect for schools, hospitals and residential homes as well as many other applications. When quality is a top priority, the end result is impressive looking light-cover panels that are second to none.

Fair And Reasonable Price

Octo Lights is one of the most dependable and reliable sources for the very best in decorative light covers that make use of quality materials. Most importantly, the company strives to deliver high-quality products at the most fair and reasonable price possible. This helps to ensure that both residential and commercial customers enjoy true quality in fluorescent light covers. Octo Lights has a proven reputation with a long list of satisfied customers and clients. Contact Octo Lights today to learn more about decorative sky panels for your home or office.