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Original Product Promotion Using Fluorescent Light Panels

Original Product Promotion Using Fluorescent Light Panels

17th Jul 2016

Original product promotion can involve the use of fluorescent light panels to promote your products and beat your competition. It is not difficult to do, but it pays to select the right products - those you really want to promote and are proud have demonstrated when visitors to your company look upwards.

Most business offices are fitted with false or dropped ceilings with fluorescent lighting tubes shining down onto diffuser panels that form the visible ceiling. This is the regular way that offices and reception areas tend to be lit these days. If yours is not, then you should consider having fluorescent lighting panels installed - here’s why!

The WOW Effect Offered by Fluorescent Light Covers

Most light panels are designed to scatter the light emitted by individual fluorescent light tubes in order to give the impression of an even distribution of light down into a room rather than that of individual tubes. It was recognized a while ago that the frosted glass or acrylic panels used to achieve a uniform lighting effect could be used as decorative element in the office and at home.

The diffuser panels are generally held in a series of frames, each of which can be moved or hinged downwards to enable the tubes to be replaced when they burn out. By printing a thickish polyester film with a specific design with transparent or translucent inks, and then placing these on top of the panels, it is possible to create some amazing ceiling lighting effects!

The polyester used is 8-mil, or 230 microns thick. For comparison of thickness, the polyester film commonly used for packaging is around 0.4-mil or 12 microns thick. When this 8-mil film is printed, it can easily be placed above the fluorescent light panel. When the light is on, it passes through the printed image and then the diffuser cover to create many beautiful and amazing effects – according to the image printed on the film. This will WOW! many people who look upwards to the images.

Product Promotion Using Fluorescent Light Covers

What if those images could promote your products? What if you could make these products look amazing when the lights are switched on. What would your existing and potential clients and customers think when they looked up and were entranced by your wonderful show? One thing is sure, they will be impressed by your original thinking and ingenuity - which can’t be a small thing in the current competitive business climate.

If you want to get that tiny step ahead of your competitors, you must do something original. It is possible to have any printed image you wish to be backlit and displayed on your office ceiling. This isn’t a gimmick. This is a genuine promotional technique that not many have yet cottoned on to. All it takes is to photograph the products you want to promote, and then have them printed using the right kind of inks onto thick film to be placed above the diffuser panels in your ceiling.

This is sure to impress visitors to your premises. You are sure to find it much easier to attract customers and clients if you can display your modern forward thinking and your ability to use even your ceiling as an advertising medium. That is so cool that prospective clients will not only be impressed but almost compelled to sign up for your products or services.

Product Promotion Using Fluorescent Light Panels: Summary

By displaying your ability to promote your products or services using unusual media such as fluorescent light panels, you are more likely than not to impress prospective clients. People in all areas of business are looking for something new; some company that be original and that help them get ahead of their own competitors. If you show them how you are using your office fluorescent light panels to promote your own products and services, then you may be almost home and dry. Original product promotion doesn’t cost much - so try it!

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