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Sky & Cloud Panels : Using Decorative Sky & Cloud Panels As Ceiling Décor

Sky & Cloud Panels : Using Decorative Sky & Cloud Panels As Ceiling Décor

11th Jul 2016

Decorative sky & cloud panels are decorative fluorescent light panels that have been printed with an image of blue sky and white fluffy clouds. They are available individually or in packs of three that join together to create a wider scene over three panels. Sky & cloud panels have many uses in many settings, and help to create a unique ceiling that gets people talking.

In that respect they can be good for business, but if your competitors have the same idea then you will be playing catch-up - though this is better than falling behind. So what are sky & cloud panels? Let’s discuss that, and also how they are made and installed.

What are Sky & Cloud Panels

Decorative sky & cloud panels are nothing more than photographs of a bright summer sky that have been printed onto a polyester sheet that is placed over the panels used to diffuse fluorescent or LED light. Fluorescent tubes and LED light bulbs can be very bright, and diffuser panels are often used when these forms of lighting are used on ceilings. The backlit image presents a life-like representation of open sky. This form of decorative light panel is generally used on ceilings although it can also be used on walls.

How Are Decorative Sky & Cloud Panels Made and Installed

Sky & cloud panels are made using 8-mil or 230 micron matte polyester sheeting. The sky and clouds image is photographically applied to a printing plate which is then used to print the image onto the polyester. The sizes available at Octo Lights are 4ft x 2 ft, 1 ft x 4ft and 2ft x 2ft, although custom sizes are available if required.

The fluorescent diffuser panel is usually hinged at one side, so can be unclipped and swung down. Place the sky panel film image down on top of the diffuser panel, smooth it flat then replace the frame. You are now ready to go.

What Type of Images are Available

Octo Lights offers number of different sky and cloud images for decorative sky & cloud panels. You simply check what’s available on our website and choose the one you like best. Some are available as a set of 3, where you can fix the three printed sky images to three adjoining diffuser panels to create one large single image.

You also have the option of creating your own sky image. You can take photographs of blue sky and cloud patterns, twisters or any other meteorological formations that appeal to you and send the image file to us to use for your order. Custom sky & cloud panels enable you to decorate your home or office ceiling with something unique.

Some Benefits of Sky & Cloud Panels

Octo Lights fluorescent light covers open up your ceiling and give an impression of space. When you look upwards to the ceiling you feel like you are gazing through a skylight on a beautiful summer day - even if it is raining outside! This can instill a feeling of well-being and enhanced mood that can improve productivity in offices and impress visitors with your ingenuity.

Unfiltered fluorescent light can be harsh, causing eye strain and giving rise to headaches and a reduction in efficiency. This type of lighting has also been associated with migraines, particularly with those susceptible to this debilitating condition. Sky & cloud panels filter out the harshness of fluorescent tubes, and also present a more soothing and pleasing form of light. This leads to more contented employees with the potential for more effective work.

Decorative Sky & Cloud Panels: Summary

Decorative sky & cloud panels are a form of fluorescent light covers that present the appearance of a natural sky on your home or office ceilings. Not only is it very attractive looking, but it makes small rooms appear larger, and also helps mitigate some of the conditions associated with harsh fluorescent lighting. It is an inexpensive way of improving the general ambience of an office or home, improving staff mood and efficiency, and helping to reduce issues such as headaches and eye strain.

Contact Octo Lights today to learn more about sky & cloud panels!