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Sky-and-cloud panels are a natural-looking form of ceiling décor suitable for any room in your home. Let's look at what sky-and-cloud panels are and how they can enhance any ceiling. Many people who have used them would never use any other form of ceiling décor in their homes. So, first, what are sky-and-cloud panels?What Are Sky-and-Cloud Panels for Natural Ceiling DécorSky-and-cloud panels are printed sheets of polyester installed above the dif… Read more
A fluorescent light lens is a printed film that is placed over a fluorescent ceiling light panel. Also known as ceiling light covers or fluorescent light covers, they come in sizes designed to fit standard fluorescent light panels. There are many designs, and they can be mixed and matched to create a unique scene on the ceiling of any room. Each panel consists of an 8-mm (203-micron) printed film that is fitted over your existing light panels. Th… Read more
There are many ways to promote your business. However, of all the ways business promote themselves, custom fluorescent light covers are something relatively new. Custom light covers are a great way to bring your company name and logo into the public eye. In this article, we’ll discuss how they can be used in advertising and promoting special offers and deals. However, many business owners have never even heard of fluorescent light covers. So here… Read more
Decorative fluorescent lighting covers are designed to lay right on top of your existing fluorescent light diffusers. The covers reduce glare and offer a more relaxing atmosphere. That’s especially useful in hospital rooms and wards, where patients, staff, and visitors are often under a lot of stress. Fluorescent lighting is commonly used in hospitals, schools, and even in homes. But fluorescent light tends to be very harsh. So it’s no surprise t… Read more