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Tips on Advertising Your Business With Decorative Light Covers

Tips on Advertising Your Business With Decorative Light Covers

2nd Mar 2021

Decorative Light Covers? - When it comes to getting your business the exposure it needs, cutting corners is out of the question. This is why most businesses (large or small) opt for pricey promotional campaigns -- which could include Facebook and Google ads, billboards and even television and radio commercials -- forcing business owners to empty their pockets just to get patrons into their establishment. Where does this leave businesses who simply can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars on advertising? Well, fortunately there’s a few simple ways to get your business seen without paying an arm and a leg to do so, like advertising your business with decorative light covers.

Promote Your Business With Decorative Light Covers

The most innovative way to promote your business, hands down, has to be through the use of quality fluorescent light covers. Not familiar with the term?

Typically used for transforming the ceilings (and walls) of a room in your home and/or office into a work of art, fluorescent light covers have the ability to display images which are then placed over your fluorescent lighting to create an amazing effect. These images can include anything from nature and beach scenes to fish and aquatic life.

However, with customized fluorescent light covers, you also have the ability to effectively promote your business in a new and exciting way. Simply create your custom light cover with your business’ logo or any other promotional information and receive instant exposure. These custom light diffuser panels can even be placed on walls for a more visually-drawing effect.

Advertise Your Business’ Deals With Customizable Fluorescent Light Covers

You already know what customizable fluorescent light covers can do when it comes to advertising your business’ logo. Though, these decorative light covers can also be used to promote specific limited-time deals or sales.

For example: if you’re an apparel store, and you have a “20% off on all blue jeans” sale for the month of October, you can effectively promote this deal with multiple customized fluorescent light covers throughout your shop. This would act as a constant reminder to your customers, allowing them to take advantage of the limited time sale. Advertising your business with decorative light covers can lead to instant sales.

Where to Find Customizable Fluorescent Light Covers

Atlanta-based, Octo Lights has been the premier supplier of quality fluorescent light covers that not only effectively liven up any room, but emphasize earth-friendliness through the use of UV-resistant, water-based inks (used for every Octo Lights light cover).

Beyond carrying a wide selection of affordable ready-made fluorescent light covers, Octo Lights also gives you the option to create your own -- an option you won’t find with other companies.

To top it all, Octo Lights makes it extremely simple to order your customized fluorescent lighting (which includes bulk orders).

In just 3 easy steps -- which include: ensuring your image meets Octo Lights’ image size/file requirements, uploading your custom image and following a special link to make your purchase -- you’ll be on your way to promoting your company while utilizing an innovative tool that will wow your customers and encourage future business!

We hope you’re enjoying our blog! Feel free to check out our wide selection of ready-made fluorescent light covers or create your own and start effectively promoting your company or business today.