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Over the last several years, LED lighting has taken the residential and commercial lighting sector by storm. The price of LED bulbs and fixtures has dropped to a level that makes them competitive with the older CFL bulbs they are replacing. But LED bulbs are very different from older bulbs in some significant ways. LEDs, light-emitting diodes, are very small points of light. Multiple diodes are combined in a single bulb to create a standard-sized… Read more
There is an incredible amount of research and development occurring right now in the world of lighting technology. Although some scientists are beginning to revisit older CFL technology, the LED world is presently enjoying the lion's share of technological advances. This very minute, scientists are working on developing new technology that may allow us to access the Internet through signals transmitted directly from LED light bulbs.Even though br… Read more
In 1879, Thomas Edison filed for a patent for the first commercially successful incandescent light bulb. This was not, as many believe, the first time someone had created artificial light.As early as 1800, Italian inventor Alessandro Volta, while working on his idea for an electric battery, conducted electricity through a copper wire which heated up to a white hot glow. Technically, this is considered one of the first historical examples of incan… Read more